"I’ve got 99 problems,

but my warranty
isn’t one"


A one stop solution for all
warranty-related problems, WarrantEAZE.

Tech Mahindra’s WarrantEAZE is a business-friendly application that manages the lifecycle of warranty operations and extended after-sales service. Built on a leading business process and rules management platform, it integrates with existing systems and helps users provide intelligent and predictive after-sales service at the right time and at reduced costs.

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Future ready technology,
appropriate for the digital age

A dynamic business-processing engine automates the whole gamut of warranty management and extended service contracts, covering claim entry, adjudication, prior approval, dealer payments, parts return and supplier recovery thereby removing procedural bottlenecks

Artificial intelligence capability proactively warns against imminent product recalls

The warranty analytics component identifies patterns to predict potential repairs; helping OEMs avoid costly part replacements by sending out early warnings to the customer’s connected device/ vehicle

Machine learning algorithms automatically tag keywords in claim-related content and improves contextual search capabilities, leading to smarter decision-making

Supports with appropriate information in the drafting of extended warranty and service contracts, which in turn ensures the standardization of processes and business practices, growth of revenue, profitability and improved customer experience

Proven Business Benefits


  • Overall improved product ownership experience
  • Online pre approval of repairs help reduce customer waiting time from hours to minutes
  • Personalized extended warranty contracts at reduced prices


  • Status of claims received within 60 minutes along with timely reimbursements
  • Zero conflict regarding warranty claims post repair because of pre-approval
  • First-time fix achieved


  • $50-100 million savings per year for large scale manufacturers
  • 100% right claims
  • 0% fraudulent claims
  • Improved supply chain efficiency
  • Successful cost recovery from suppliers extending up to 20%
  • RoI on WarrantEAZE: 12- 18 months for large scale manufacturers, self-sustained by savings achieved.


  • Realtime, contextual access to warranty claim data helps improve product quality
  • Transparent cost recovery module

How our clients have WarrantEAZE’d
their business

$53 million in savings per annum

Being one of the world’s largest automotive OEM’s meant having to work with a complex network of dealers, suppliers and customers, spending an alarming $3.5 billion annually for warranty claims. Here’s how we fixed it:

$4 million savings monthly on warranty spend

A Japanese automaker had to deal with fraudulent claims and customer dissent, owing to unreasonable waiting times at dealerships, sometimes many times over. Here’s how we fixed it:

Over 50% of warranty claim processing automated

A US based truck manufacturer was paying close to 1.8% of their revenue as warranty costs, and had trouble recovering parts and costs effectively from suppliers. Here’s how we fixed it:


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