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Our Mission

“Creating future-ready workforce today, while fulfilling associates’ career aspirations”

The Learning and Development Practices at Tech Mahindra enable TechMighties to transform themselves from fresh graduates into business ready associates. We focus on giving specialized education, mentorship and experiences through meaningful rotation. We aim to be the best company for entrepreneurial leaders (Business, Delivery, Solutions, Domain, and Technology) by creating Learning opportunities, coaching and environment to practice rotations to expand leadership.

  • Elite 2.0
  • Project Skilling
  • Ride
  • Competence to Deployment
  • 360 Degree Learning

Skill freshers to embrace opportunities faster

ELITE (Entry Level Integrated Training and Enablement) is a program which aims at transforming fresh graduates into professionals and enable them to become productive through various learning interventions.It allowsfresh graduates to utilize the pre-joining time effectively and build a relationship with the organization ahead of joining.

Strengthening Skills for existing projects

Tech Mahindra is powering training through the #NAD (New Age Delivery) platform where every associate of a project team is assigned a learning skill unit as per his/her project requirement and training is delivered through world-class training content and assessment providers. This unique model of Up-skilling as a Service (UaaS) helps bridge the skill gaps for project needs

A unique, best in class skilling initiative for our associates to align with future technologies

RIDE is our future Skilling initiative, which is helping to fulfil aspirations of associates and thus keeping them #Relevant. Program offers industry standard certifications, which enables workforce through assisted self-learning.We offer trainings in all future Competencies like AI, RPA, AR/VR, Enterprise of Future, SDN/NFV, Platforms, Analytics, Cloud, IoT, Security, Blockchain.

Skilling for employee on bench or future bench

We identified high demand skills in the organization based on analysis of open positions and new projections. For each of these skills a structured learning path and guides were created with flexibility to associates to choose a track based on their aspiration. Micro learningis helping to provide flexibility to bench associates, suiting the dynamic nature of bench and future bench, thus helping associates deployed into customer engagement faster.

360 Degree Learning and Development Philosophy

We have a 360-degree approach to Learning and Development that helps our associates upskill and stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

Leadership Development: We actively invest in Leadership Development to facilitate professional growth and development of the associates.

Associate Development: Focuses on delivering a better and enhanced employee experience through simplified, digitized, enriching and collaborative work environment.

To provide all-round development of our associates we design learning journeys that integrate business imperatives with individual aspirations and are delivered through instructor led courses or self-learning through our digital platforms.


At Tech Mahindra we are building the future ready workforce enabling business growth through right capabilities and enabling Career progression and individual aspirations through learning and development.

Our #UaaS (Upskilling as a Service) platform looks to go beyond mere training and aspires to create full stack/ Multi-stack commandoes consuming project-specific, bite-size training and world-class assessment. The platform follows a skill unit (SKUs) methodology. SKUs group together relevant, contextual skills ready for consumption through our robust skilling & assessment partner eco-system. Each SKU under #UaaS has been designed with industry recognized best content and assessments. Tech Mahindra is trying its best to provide associates with an opportunity to equip themselves in these areas and fulfil their aspirations.

Our gamified approach to right skilling aims at increasing efficiency and productivity of new-age associates, which ensure skilling means business. Further, the AI-enabled #UaaS platform is built to recommend customized, associate-level upskilling paths and forecast skills of the future impacting effective resource planning & management helping associate aspirations.

“The only currency we actually control and manage is People Currency. The way we look at Rupee vs. Dollar, the evaluation of this currency also changes. And it changes, based only on the Vitamin R of Relationships, but also the Vitamin S of Skilling."

–– CP Gurnani, CEO & MD
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