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Tech Mahindra has been helping our clients navigate challenges in the data era for more than two decades. We have developed multiple effective frameworks, capabilities, and solutions covering the entire spectrum of data management and analytics services. 

Our Services

Data Advisory

Collaborate with our team to define your enterprise's data strategy through an audit, strategy, and roadmap, providing an as-is assessment and methodology.

Data Management

Securely manage data through data consultancy, acquisition, quality, governance, master data management, and metadata management.

Data Migration

Respond to your data needs for selection, preparation, and transformation across on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments to ensure data quality and delivery to the right target at the right time.

Data Operations

Our framework for DataOps and data observability covers the end-to-end lifecycle phases, including consulting, organizing, building, and operating.

Data Platform Architecture and Build

Create a centralized data platform that enables self-service data analysis, immediate access to the data cloud, and the capacity to scale up quickly through technologies such as EDW, Big Data on Cloud, Data Lake, Delta Lake, and Lakehouse.

Modern Data Integration and Availability

Assess varying needs for data availability and visualization through proven frameworks such as ETL, data fabric, data mesh, data virtualization, data composability, streaming data, and data exchange.

Data Monetization

Through years of research and experience in data marketplaces, we help you identify and monetize assets while adhering to the prevailing guidelines.

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Visualize the value and insights from the enterprise data and analyze organizational KPIs through various advanced visualization tools.

IP and Platforms

Data Migration Workbench

Accelerate data migration to the cloud through automation and best practices, which helps organizations reduce 40% of migration efforts. 


InfoWise ®

Disruptive intelligence platform to monitor analytics resource consumption, maximize efficiency by 20-30% and save time in data analysis by 40-60%. 


Unified Data Management Framework

A unified data management framework for data migration and data quality management can also be implemented as a revenue and margin assurance framework. 


Supply Chain Analytics

Address key challenges in the SCM value chains and adapt the Kanban methodology framework for implementing agile and DevOps software. 



FasTest is an ETL Testing Automation Framework that handles the complexities involved in the ETL Testing and reconciliation phase, making its execution faster, more reliable, and more consistent. 

Data Mesh and Data Fabric

Data Mesh and Data Fabric are modern architecture concepts that enable the availability of quality data in a timely fashion to the right people in the right format.


Visualisation as a Service

VaaS framework is a one-stop solution for all BI and analytics requirements, including self-service analytics, NLQ/NLP query, dashboard templates, and Smart narrative.


Common Data Ingestion Framework

CDIF is a metadata-driven automated ingestion framework that expedites the data onboarding process. It also helps to automate data quality checks and basic data transformations while ingesting data.

Data and Analytics Hub for Large-scale Insights Acceleration

A Single Pane of Glass is used for the modern data value chain, including data ingestion, management, optics, modernization, and outcomes.

Analytical Process Orchestration Framework

Simplify the journey from data collection to consumption with a workflow pipeline, making the transition from raw information to efficient consumption smoother.

Leading the Way



Redshift Deep Dive

Redshift Deep Dive to Accredit a Well Architected Framework.



Data Fabric or Data Mesh?

Find the right data management strategy for your organization.



Data Lakehouse with Cloudera

Enjoy the benefits of a data lake and a data warehouse at lower TCO.



The Analytical CIO

Curtail Technical Debt and Champion Earnings Growth.



Data Lakehouse

Unify all your data, analytics and AI workloads.



Active Intelligence

Turn Raw Data into Informed Action.

Leading the Way


Data Virtualization

Accelerating the Journey to an Intelligent Enterprise with Insightful and Timely Decisions.



Data Mesh

Building a Scalable and Interoperable Data Ecosystem.



Migrating Apache Hadoop to Amazon EMR

Modernize your Data Processing capabilities.


Case Study

Strategic Data Platform

Telia Success Story with Tech Mahindra and AWS.


Case Study

Modernize Cloud-based Transformation

Stockmann Success Story with Tech Mahindra and AWS.

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