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Top 10 reasons

There are many reasons for you to choose us. Which one would you like to go with? We are happy to help you decide. If you are seeking new frontiers in your career path, discover all the ways your journey aligns with ours and explore open career opportunities.

You should join us if :

You seek a larger purpose in what you do

  • Your purpose in life aligns with ours. That is, of driving positive change in the lives of our communities. You strongly believe that only when you enable others to rise will you rise.
  • You are enthusiastic about building a more equal world, being future-ready and creating value.
  • You want to make an impact on the world and leave it better than how you found it. You want to be a part of a company with a purpose.

You obsess over doing meaningful work

  • You believe yourself to be a citizen of the connected world. You are aware of and passionate about solving important global problems, and you want to do it in creative ways.
  • You are committed to offering innovative and customer-centric technology experiences.
  • You are obsessed about creating customer delight at every step of your journey with your clients, so that they can do the same with their clients.

You value the freedom to explore

  • Your idea of work is freedom – to work in a way that allows you to learn well, grow big and deliver your best value every time.
  • You believe in the three Cs of the freedom to explore at work – which are connecting, co-creating, and celebrating.
  • You work with courage, passion, and innovation. You are not afraid of failing – but only of not trying. Instead, you like celebrating failures.

You enjoy working in diverse teams

  • You thrive in multicultural teams which bring distinct kinds of diversity to the table – whether it is gender, generation, abilities, color, caste, creed, race, sexual identity / orientation, language, faith, or others.
  • You believe in creating belonging through diversity, equity, and inclusion at the workplace. You are an ally and always there to promote and protect DEI.
  • You are thrilled about collaborating with people from 90+ countries, spread in 100+ offices all over the world.

You place importance on a great culture

  • You embrace and hold your organization’s culture in the highest place. Your fundamentals are clear – you focus on driving positive change, celebrating each moment, and empowering all to rise.
  • You value transparency, fairness, and communication at the workplace – and you expect your leaders, peers, and teams to always demonstrate that.
  • You prioritize fun, connect and delight at work – and believe in working hard, and partying harder.

You put wellness before business

  • You always prioritize your own and others’ holistic wellness. This includes all aspects, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial dimensions of wellness.
  • You value benefits on campus and virtual wellness assistants and services, 24x7 counselling services and diverse wellness challenges at the workplace.
  • You also appreciate initiatives like Associate Welfare Trust, covering you beyond your regular insurance.

You learn and design your career your way

  • You are always hungry for new skills, which will make you more employable and keep you relevant. You value world class coaching and mentoring support at work, delivered through technology platforms, and like driving your learning at your speed, in your time.
  • You connect your learning with your aspirational roles, and use initiatives like career counselling, career tracks, internal job rotations, multidirectional job movement, and using technology like an AI-based talent marketplace that connects you with the best roles available for your chosen skills and interests.

You love following your passion beyond work

  • You bring your passion to work and keep it alive by utilizing all the support you get to follow your dreams beyond work.
  • You appreciate being encouraged to pursue causes and interests that are close to your heart – whether it is climate change, children’s education, animals, or anything else.
  • You also enjoy making time and taking your friends at work along through hobby clubs and intrapreneurship initiatives.

You thrive on recognition for your contribution

  • You are driven by a culture of appreciation every day. Whether it is a recognition for your good work and behavior, or a reward for your performance, loyalty, or customer delight, they all inspire you to to do better.
  • You thrive in an environment of 360-degree rewards and recognition, covering diverse aspects of your journey and contribution at work.
  • You also appreciate peer to peer recognition, digital rewards, and awards / prizes connected with business success and internal collaboration.

You love tech-enabled, human experiences

  • You deeply appreciate the role of technology in every aspect of our life, and can thus enjoy tech-enabled, human experiences at work.
  • You value touchpoints like face-recognition based touchless attendance, working with humanoids and co-bots, exploring the metaverse, and using dedicated platforms and portals for career management, learning and innovation.
  • You like creating and experiencing moments that matter, for yourself and your customers.

If any of these sound like you, you must explore a career with us.

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