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Empowering Success - Tech Mahindra’s Digital Supply Chain solution offers a comprehensive set of technologies, tools, and services for seamless supply chain integration. With expertise across all stages from Design to Aftermath, we drive innovation in People, Processes, and Technology.More

Empowering Success - Tech Mahindra’s Digital Supply Chain solution offers a comprehensive set of technologies, tools, and services for seamless supply chain integration. With expertise across all stages from Design to Aftermath, we drive innovation in People, Processes, and Technology. As a leading System Integrator, we provide interventions in Product Lifecycle Management and Procurement, delivering significant business benefits across diverse industries.

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Discover Tech Mahindra's Digital Supply Chain Solutions - a holistic suite of technologies, tools, and services spanning the SCOR model: Design, Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Aftermarket. Innovating through People, Processes, and Technology, delivering substantial business benefits across diverse industries


Our Services

One stop Digital Planning and Procurement

Our cloud based spend management solution encompassing technology, process, and people – all being orchestrated as a single entity to provide one stop shop Source-2-settle solution.


Experience Our Comprehensive Cloud-Based Planning and Spend Management Solution:

A Unified Planing, Inventory, Source-to-Settle and Warehouse Management Powerhouse

Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Our solution accelerates lab digitization initiatives and supports regulatory compliance; reducing cycle time by 50% and cost up to 25% by eliminating repeat experiments.


Elevate Your Lab Digitization with Our Solution:

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Cloud ERP for Agile Enterprises

Our solution helps organizations with legacy and non-supported ERP systems to fully move to a cloud-based ERP solution. In Cloud ERP the product is always updated and hence delivers huge savings from costly product upgrades.


Empowering Legacy ERP Migration:

Seamlessly Transition to Cloud-Based ERP for Consistent Updates and Significant Cost Savings

Cognitive Asset Management

Organizations with capital-intensive manufacturing equipment effectively simulate risks associated with maintenance and resource allocation


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Our PLM services is the foundation for the digital thread, delivering supply chain agility and business transformation - from ideation, design, manufacture, service and disposal, to accelerate time to market, and deliver the highest levels of quality and compliance.

Unlock the Power of Our PLM Services: Catalyst for Digital Thread, Elevating Supply Chain Agility & Business Transformation. Accelerate Time to Market & Elevate Quality.


Digital Planning and Procurement Services

Our Digital Procurement Management Services help our customers manage their source-to-settle cycle effectively by either evaluating and selecting new agreements withsuppliers or by continuing to manage the ongoing supplier relationships; And Procurement tools with automation helps customers cut costs, save time, and streamline the procurement process easily.

Elevate Efficiency with Our Digital Planning, Inventory, Procurement Management, Warehouse Management and Transportation Management Services: Optimize High velocity Planning, Source-to-Settle Cycles, Supplier Relationships, and Procurement Tools for Cost Savings & Streamlined Processes, Inventory, Warehouse and Transportation solutions.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Our MES Services help our customers track and synchronize the manufacturing activities across (geographically separated) plants by capturing accurate and real-time data from the factory floor; and thereby enabling improved production output and optimal performance.

Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency with Our MES Services: Real-Time Data Capture, Geographically Seamless Plant Monitoring, and Improved Production Output for Optimal Performance


Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Our EAM Services help our customers manage the complete lifecycle of their physical assets by providing a 360-degree view of the physical assets and infrastructure from design to procurement, to commission, to operation, to maintenance, to disposal, and to replacement, i.e., throughout their entire lifecycle.

Optimize Asset Management with Our EAM Services: Gain 360-degree Lifecycle Insights - from Design, Plan Procure, Repair to Retire- Enhancing Efficiency and Maximizing Asset Performance and Value


Laboratory Automation Systems (LAS)

Our LAS Service delivers enterprise-wide solutions to our customers in life-sciences, biotech, and medical devices. We deliver solutions that significantly enhance process control and continuous improvement; enabling our customers to be more competitive and bring products faster to the market while achieving operational efficiencies and meeting regulatory commitments.

Elevate Life Sciences Efficiency with Our LAS Service: Enterprise Solutions Enhance Process Control, Speed Up Product Launch, Ensure Compliance, and Foster Competitive Edge


Niche ERP

Our niche ERP Services enable us to support both our large and mid-market customer organizations in the rollout and maintenance of niche ERP solutions, with our expertise across ERP's being a major factor in the customer organization's success. Today in many large organizations, niche ERPs coexist along with mainstream ERP's and cater to specific organizational requirements.

Elevate Efficiency with Niche ERP Services: Leverage solutions for Large & Mid-Market enterprised including, Consulting, Design, Build, Rollouts, Maintenance and Cloudification. Streamlined Processes for Niche & Mainstream ERP Coexistence and rapid cloud adoption.


B2B Electronic Data Interchange (B2B-EDI)

Our B2B-EDI Services help our customers execute digital transactions with higher speed, improved productivity and lower cost; by connecting, automating, and enhancing business processes which connects our customers with their suppliers.

Elevate Efficiency with B2B-EDI Services: Accelerate Digital Transactions, Boost Productivity, Reduce Costs. Streamline Processes & Forge Stronger Collaborations and Connections


Field Service Management (FSM)

Our FSM Services help our customers to manage their field resources which include employees and equipment's; using technological capabilities to manage scheduling and dispatching by taking into consideration skills, work-orders, assets, applicable service policies, etc.

Elevate Field Operations with Our FSM Services: Optimize Resource Management, Scheduling, Rostering, Optimization, Dispatching, Truck Roll, Inventory, Repair and Return for Enhanced Efficiency and experience.


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Case Study

Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Digitalization Improves Inbound Parts Shipments Cycle Time by 40%

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