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Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is a software solution which captures the unstructured data generated mostly in various R&D labs.

It helps in preserving the sanity of data from regulatory compliance point of view.

Key Industry Trends

The dried pipeline and stringent regulatory pressure, pushes the industry and academia to introspect their processes. Concerns over reproducibility and the dire need to streamline documentation has played a crucial role in boosting the demand for electronic lab notebook software.

With the onset of cutting-edge ELN’s that save significantly on time and effort, their adoption for data searching, copying, and archiving will witness a steep rise in the following years.

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ELN is a very rare technology which understands multi-data formats in multi-business environments. Its elegant searching and reporting capability makes it more dynamic and admired by the management for its just-in-time reporting capability.

Market Drivers

A digital lab note book has gained acceptance as an ideal replacement for paper notebook. User experience, along with pricing are the key factors influencing the decision of end-users.

ELN adoption has gained momentum in North America and Western Europe. With the progress in cloud technology and data analytics, coupled with the advent in bio-banks, ELN will become a lucrative opportunity for other industries in other geographies too for adoption.

Industry Scenarios

ELN has undergone a paradigm shift in its functionalities with the advancement of new technologies. These advancements are still short of the ever-increasing demand from the industry. This has led to the new era of LES technology which is considered to be controlled ELN for QC lab.

Also, with the new industry demand for cloud enablement and SaaS features, it is estimated that in the next 5 to 7 years there will be a huge demand from APAC & ANZ regions. Both COTS and Opensource product will be used in order to cope up with this demand.

Tech Mahindra Advantage

Tech Mahindra has in-depth experience in many lab informatics technologies, and is one of the leading service providers on the ELN technologies.

At present Tech Mahindra has collaboration/partnership with leading ELN providers like, Biovia, PerkinElmer, Abbott Informatics, etc. and has in-house capability to provide end-to-end service in the ELN space.


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