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Tech Mahindra, a global leader in engineering services, leverages over three decades of expertise across diverse industries. Positioned at the forefront of today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, we address multi-faceted challenges, from accelerated release cycles to heightened customer expectations and the ever-growing imperative for constant innovation.

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Our Services

As one of the most valued global engineering service providers (ESPs), we believe in engineering tomorrow with sustainable solutions at the center and exceptional experiences at the forefront. Leveraging product and platform engineering principles, we drive phygital experiences for a safe and cognitive future.

Future of Mobility

Step into the future with our innovative mobility solutions that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technologies, from software-defined vehicles to smart infrastructure. We're revolutionizing transportation, making it smarter, greener, and more connected for a future where mobility is not just a journey but an experience.

Software Defined Manufacturing

Experience the industry of tomorrow with our cutting-edge digital technology solutions, where innovation meets efficiency. We empower businesses to thrive in a data-driven era, seamlessly integrating AI, IoT, digital twins, and automation to create a future of industries that is intelligent, adaptive, and sustainable.

Future of Networks

Envision the future of networks with our advanced digital solutions, where connectivity meets innovation. We're at the forefront of shaping tomorrow's communication landscape. We empower businesses with high-speed, low-latency open networks that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies for unparalleled connectivity and autonomous operations.

Next-Gen Devices

Embark on the future of devices with our innovative technology solutions, where intelligence meets interaction, with embedded software engineering. We're shaping tomorrow's gadgets and infotainment devices, integrating AI, AR, and IoT to redefine devices as not just tools but intuitive, connected experiences that anticipate and elevate your every need.

Digital Platforms

Get the best digital platforms to enable your services. These platforms serve as centralized hubs connecting users, businesses, and data in a seamless, often cloud-based, environment. We utilize the best of cloud-native software development and platform/cloud modernization services to deliver scalability and accessibility to support diverse applications, fostering ecosystems where developers and users can interact and create value.

Industries We Serve


We are a global leader with a wide range of automotive engineering services and solutions, partner ecosystems, and experience working with automotive OEMs and suppliers. With three decades of product development experience and 6000+ strong teams across global engineering centers for software-defined vehicles, data, cloud, AI, and digital, we are the right transformational partner for your future of mobility journey.

Aerospace and Defense

We offer high-performance engineering solutions for global aerospace and defense OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Our dedicated CoE caters to the traditional classical engineering and new-age digital requirements of the aerospace industry, providing solutions for aerostructures, cabin interiors, aftermarkets, avionics and systems, PLM and MES, and digital engineering with cutting-edge technologies.

Tech & ISVs

We develop, maintain, and support products for 50+ hi-tech/ISV global engineering centers. We have built a modern software factory to enable next-generation intelligent products, platforms, and experiences. We bring innovative carve-out and IP partnership models for the customers to explore new ways and models to handle products.


We are a leading semiconductor design services provider. With thousands of niche-skilled associates across multiple geographies, the company provides end-to-end design services to 9 of the top 10 silicon design companies worldwide. The design services include pre-silicon (RTL to GDS), post-silicon validation, embedded and systems design, test engineering, and AI-based innovative solutions for various industry verticals.


In today’s dynamic cloud and mobile-first environments, companies struggle with fast-changing technologies, extremely short release cycles requiring hyper-automation, and increased competition due to open standards across devices, networks, and software platforms. We help communications technology providers and communications service providers thrive in this ever-changing world by helping them foster innovation, deliver seamless customer experience, accelerate time-to-market, and improve product quality.

Media and Entertainment

With its relevant IPs and solutions, we assist media and entertainment firms in cloud migration services and cloud infrastructure governance, support, and monitoring services. We have joint solutions with AWS and GCP, such as VSPP, and strong partnerships with public cloud providers, IBM (blockchain services), and niche providers.

Oil and Gas

We offer various digital engineering services to oil and gas customers, including engineering execution and real-time monitoring, laser scanning and intelligent 3D modeling, digitized machine guarding solutions, process and plant simulations, and virtual walk-throughs using AR/VR.


We have a large pool of SMEs and domain experts in merchandising, e-commerce, CX, retail operations, supply chain, and omnichannel. We invest in building solutions in enterprise commerce and experience management. We focus on micro-verticals, products, platforms, and digital engineering with engagements in consulting, technology and business operations.

Healthcare and Lifesciences

We work with 6 out of the top 10 US payors, all 10 of the top 10 biopharma companies, and 8 of the top 10 med-tech organizations. We have 600+ live projects with 30+ industry solutions. We have one of the largest multi-EHR-EMR set-ups with the industry’s first-ever EMR migration on the cloud. We have achieved 95% treatment adherence in our patient support programs. We have computational drug discovery techniques for Leukemia and COVID-19.

Industrial Equipment

As the world shifts towards sustainable, greener, intelligent, and safer design principles, we are the right product development partner to support your challenges of accelerated product design, innovation, safety and maintenance, monitoring and visibility, obsolescence, and differentiated engagement models. Over two decades of engineering excellence and dedicated global labs, alliances, partners, and CoE enable us to deliver differentiated solutions.

Transportation and Rail

We have a wide range of traditional and connected rail engineering services and solutions, encompassing the design and development of rolling stock, rail signaling, train control monitoring system (TCMS), PTC/ERTMS implementation, rail infrastructure, and communication, remote assistance through AR/VR solutions, predictive maintenance, and testing and validation services to improve the journey experience.

Energy and Utilities

We offer end-to-end design, engineering, project management, and handover operation and maintenance solutions for owners/operators and EPC companies. Our dedicated CoE caters to the industry's new-age digital requirements, providing solutions for digital transformation consulting, asset information management (AIM), digital twin, asset digitization and digitalization, AR/VR-enabled industrial solutions, AI/ML-enabled processing of engineering drawings and documents.

Consumer Products

We have held leadership positions in engineering for over three decades in cooking ranges, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, beverage dispensers, coolers, and vending machines. Our portfolio includes end-to-end product design and development, supply chain management, product cost out, future-ready digital solutions and sustainability service offerings. Our Arrayent ConnectCloud™ IoT platform helps to innovate and realize products faster.


Tech Mahindra offers an immersive experience through AR/VR that allows customers to interact with banking services as if in the real world, addressing the challenges of engaging with younger customers, simplifying information access, and avoiding costly physical expansions.

Our Differentiators

Art-To-Part Engineering Heritage

Collaboratively solving our clients’ engineering challenges by providing services from engineering consulting to product sustenance and aftermarket support.

Engineering Excellence Hubs

50+ state-of-the-art engineering centers that have helped clients realize savings of $1 billion by decreasing capex requirements and promoting efficient resource utilization.

Portfolio of Accelerators

50+ technology platforms and solutions, along with 25+ independently developed tools and frameworks, helping clients achieve faster time-to-market and incremental innovation.

Digital Technology Leadership

Credible investments across exponential technologies, modern engineering methodologies, and industrial themes to attain unmatched expertise.

Optishore™ Delivery

Providing our clients with proximity and flexibility to select the optimal delivery mix of on-site, off-site, nearshore, and offshore locations as per their requirements.

Group Companies and Partnerships

Augmented capabilities via group companies and several partnerships for well-rounded engineering offerings.

Operational Excellence

Proven expertise in offering quality and efficient delivery to our engineering clients with quality effectiveness, productivity enhancement measures, robust governance, dynamic engagement models, and knowledge management initiatives.

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