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Makers Lab is Tech Mahindra's innovation center. We promote technology innovation and provide a common platform for conceiving disruptive solutions that solve real-world problems. We are reminded of the limitlessness of human curiosity when we see humankind and machines create marvels for the future. At Makers Lab, we ensure our imagination is purpose-driven and human-centered.


Humans are cognitive beings. We are known to acquire and store knowledge and build our understanding through new experiences. We aim to enable our customers by providing human insights for designing intuitive, seamless, and engaging experiences. 
Makers Lab is future-focused on cutting-edge technologies, and today, we are leveraging Foundational AI, metaverse, IoT/robotics, and quantum computing to deliver futuristic solutions to customers, partner companies, research institutions, academia, and start-ups. With a robust ecosystem of leading universities and disruptive start-ups, we develop our business capabilities for end-to-end, customized solutions. The heart of our innovation lies in purpose-driven and human-centered design.



Our mission is to build smart machines of the future, engineered with systems neuroscience and augmented by quantum information.

What We Bring to Our Clients
  • Fundamental and applied research
  • A mesh of interconnected labs working on deep-tech
  • Standard model of operation
  • An ecosystem of A-grade universities
  • Phygital spaces for co-innovation
  • Co-innovation framework

Areas of Research


Pushing the boundaries of the meta world to bring new use cases to life, we at Makers Lab persevere to create an experiential world with an ecosystem of virtual equivalents. The objective is to offer and consume products and services in a transparent and trustworthy meta world.

Human beings have an inherent need to animate the inanimate. Technology has always been an inanimate entity that one can’t feel and touch but can be expressed in the abstract. Metaverse gives us that unique capability to bring to life an inanimate world – a world we can experience, a world we can interact with using our avatars, and a world where we can create solutions for businesses and humanity.
We have created 50+ solutions in different domains using AR, VR, and MR to explore the possibilities of using this technology for real-life enterprise and gaming use cases.
We are pushing the boundaries of this technology further by continuing our experimentation with a combination of technologies.

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Foundational AI

Foundational AI models can be made purposeful by infusing human ingenuity and contextual knowledge. Our innovations integrate predictive intelligence, contextualized decision-making, and humanized semantic interactions in enterprise AI applications, leveraging self-supervised learning. 

In the deep tech world today, Generative AI’s rapid growth promises innovation but brings significant costs and environmental concerns. Also, given the carbon implications, there is a need to consider more eco-friendly solutions, including optimizing model architectures, leveraging energy-efficient hardware, and using renewable energy sources for AI computations. Additionally, high costs for training models and data storage, along with computing costs, all add up to a formidable business challenge.

Tech Mahindra’s engineering solution for this challenge is a three-pronged approach of Engineering Excellence with intelligent solutions, employing compression techniques for addressing infrastructure challenges and using alternative architectures for building and training models to achieve desired outcomes. With our research in alternative methods, which are neuroscience and quantum-inspired, we ensure that AI becomes applicable to our clients and push the boundaries of AI to take it into newer arenas.

Our work on Indic LLM - Project Indus allows us to build the LLM from scratch, demonstrating this Engineering approach.

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IOT and Robotics

Makers Lab believes that the phygital world will be the next realm of technology, especially with the collision of the physical and digital worlds, which is set to increase incrementally. Augmented with the power of AI and compute-on-the-edge, we believe this is one of the most important bets for the future.

IoT and Robotics are one of our strongest research areas, combined with 120+ person-years of industrial experience and several multi-domain SMEs working to build smart devices and applications. Our critical research area includes smart energy monitoring and robots for industry, defense, and retail applications.

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Quantum Computing

Efficient computing systems will be the backbone of businesses in the future. Makers Lab's innovation on quantum technologies relies on high-performance and energy-efficient computing systems to meet the growing demands of multi-compute converging use cases.

Quantum computing is no longer a distant dream. Quantum physics and its principles have existed since the 1920s, but the change that has happened now in terms of hardware is making Quantum computing practical. A core part of our research, Makers Lab has a dedicated team of experts and SMEs that respond to proactive scenarios and trends through research-based innovative approaches and solutions.

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Our Innovation Labs

As part of our innovation framework, we have created 10+ labs to foster innovation at Tech Mahindra. Some of these labs have been set up as co-Innovation labs with our clients to enable focus on the clients' specific problem statements while also considering the social and technology-related problems in their geographic area.

Our Achievements
  • Makers Lab finds therapeutic molecule acting against COVID-19 after one year of extensive research.
  • Avasant considers Tech Mahindra to be a service provider for quantum computing. 
  • World Economic Forum considers Tech Mahindra’s Makers Lab as a case study for collaborative R&D.
  • Tech Mahindra was awarded the Most Innovative Company 2021 and the Most Innovative Leader by the World Innovation Congress.
  • Tech Mahindra bags the MindtheGap award for start-up mentoring.

Our Products


Futuristic enterprise-grade on-premise chatbot powered by generative and discriminative AI.

Atmanirbhar Krishi

Super app for farmers, providing valuable agriculture related consolidated, curated information.

Panchang Intelligence

Ancient Indian almanac based rainfall prediction solution.

The Indus Project

Open-source large language AI model for Indic languages.


Enables and allows coding in native languages.


Aggregation platform focused on mental health resources. 


Unique ideation platform to capture and facilitate information in your organization.

Some of the Firsts in the Industry

Building Solutions With AI for the Health Sector
Tech Mahindra R&D Unit Leverages AI for Research on Potential Therapeutic Drugs for COVID-19
Quantum Communication Using Post-Quantum Cryptography
Support 140 Million Farmers of India With a Holistic App on Agriculture With Govt. Of India
Creators of a First of Its Kind Coding Editor Called BHAML Enabling Rural India To Code via the Metaverse
India’s First Public Service Bank To Go on the Metaverse and Running Successfully

Our India Story

Project Indus

Tech Mahindra Makers Lab has launched, “The Indus Project.” The Project is a “Civilizational” initiative Intended to empower all Indic languages that have originated out of the great Indus Civilization. It will be an Open-Source Large Language AI model that will serve the needs of 25% of the world's population.


There are 6500+ languages across the world. In India alone, there are 27 mother tongues and 1645 dialects. English is spoken only by almost 5% of the world's population.

But it is the only language that enables anyone to become a software developer. To address this digital divide, we bring you BHAML, the tool that enables you to code in your own language.


Innovation Awards


  • ISG Digital Case Study Award for Banking (UBI) in Metaverse


  • Aegis Graham Bell Awards for COVID research
  • Aegis Graham Bell Award for SOS Seva
  • ET BFSI 'Best IT Software Solution Provider of the Year' for Uni-verse, UBI Metaverse
  • Mahindra Innovation Award - 1st runner-up for Metaverse Practice
  • Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award for Social Impact Innovation for SoS Seva


  • CSS Corporate Start up Award as Innovation challenger joining the league of 25 world’s best in terms of Open Innovation
  • CII 25 Most Innovative Companies of India 2021. This award by DST recognizes us as one of the Top 25 Innovative Companies in India.
  • Smart Innovator Award by Dynamic CIO Awards
  • VOLVO India Innovation Award for Vetturino and eNetra solutions
  • Mahindra Innovation Award for BHAML


World Innovation Congress

  • Most Innovative Organization of the Year award for excellence in technology during COVID-19
  • Most Innovative Leader Award by National Innovation Awards


  • IBC Award for most innovative AI use case for Content Moderation


  • MIA: Innovative New Business – 3600 Video Broadcast


  • GTL Infra ET Telecom Award for Connected Life use case
  • Aegis Graham Bell Award for connected robotic system

Leading The Way


Case Study

Meta Bank

Case Study

Makers Lab Compendium 2

In the 2nd Edition of Makers Lab Compendium - we discuss more about Client facing Case Studies of Metaverse & Artificial Intelligence, the plethora of Offerings and conclude it with the Research work and corresponding published papers.



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Understanding fundamentals and real-world applications of Quantum Computing in Supply Chain Management



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How IT Service Firms Can Adapt to Artificial Intelligence


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AI in Agriculture: India’s Challenges and Opportunities


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The Quantum AI (QAI) Entanglement
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Neuroscience-Inspired AI


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Introducing Entellio


COVID-19 Therapeutic Drug Research


Therapy for COVID-19: Molecule identified


Use Tech for Weather Prediction


Chatbots Reset: Use of conversational AI in Healthcare

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