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Freedom to Explore

If that is your idea of a rewarding career, congratulations! You have arrived. The promise of giving you more opportunities to connect, co-create, and celebrate at work than you can imagine is just the first that we make to you.

Tech Mahindra’s employee value proposition, the freedom to explore, gives each TechMighty a chance to connect aspirations to achievements, co-create new approaches and breakthrough solutions, and celebrate the seamless blending of life and work.


The Connect pillar enables TechMighties to align their personal goals with their work at Tech Mahindra. This gives them a deeper sense of purpose, motivates them to excel, and makes a meaningful difference.

The Cocreate pillar encourages TechMighties to understand diverse people, work together, and achieve collective success. This gives them a safe environment to feel important, heard, and valued.

The Celebrate pillar emphasizes a seamless blending of life and work, creating a harmonious environment where TechMighties can thrive. It creates a sense of shared purpose, joy, and belonging at work.


At Tech Mahindra, a culture of driving positive change, celebrating each moment, and empowering all to Rise drives us to dream, do, and become more. By living our culture, both as individuals and as a team, we establish and advance our presence as a global, innovative, and caring brand. Our culture also leads the way for us to be and become a Company with a Purpose.More

At Tech Mahindra, a culture of driving positive change, celebrating each moment, and empowering all to Rise drives us to dream, do, and become more. By living our culture, both as individuals and as a team, we establish and advance our presence as a global, innovative, and caring brand. Our culture also leads the way for us to be and become a Company with a Purpose. We try to achieve this by making responsibility personal and adopting sustainability as a way of life at Tech Mahindra.


At Tech Mahindra, driving positive change means making a positive, lasting, and sustainable difference in the lives of all the stakeholders that we work with. Thoughtful initiatives taken in this direction impact, not just TechMighties, but also the members of our extended family, the societies, and communities we work with, as well as the world we live in.

In Business, for Purpose

From collaborative projects that make our planet safer to those that make it cleaner, greener, and better, we innovate with our global customers to drive positive change and enable the world to Rise.

Schools and Skills for Life

Through focused initiatives in education and employability, Tech Mahindra Foundation enables over one million children and young adults to rise for a better way of life.

Individual Social Responsibility

Three plants, four carpools, and three hours of volunteering for a cause every month: individual social responsibility (ISR) initiatives bring about change, connect, and cheer.

Rise to Sustain

A universal ban on single-use plastic across campuses, a global give-up on smoking zones at work, and multiple other green initiatives make us shine in sustainability.

Wellness First

Wellness before business is the only mantra we live by. The Associate Welfare Trust, by and for the associates, is one of our most prized initiatives in employee care.

Rise for Good

For calamities or causes that need support, TechMighties always helps and Rises for Good. Have ideas that can make the world a better place? Explore opportunities to lead the change yourself.

At Tech Mahindra, celebrating each moment is about finding a higher sense of purpose, happiness, and achievement in all that we do. It is about celebrating success with humility, failure with pride, and finding learning in both. It is about upping the FCD quotient: sharing fun, connect, and delight with customers, colleagues, and families at Tech Mahindra, which together make Tech Mahindra a great place to work.

The Heart of Our Culture

Why do anything if you do not do it with Josh? Meet Josh, our heartbeat, and be a part of all things that scream fun, connection, and delight at Tech Mahindra.

We Say ‘Kudos’ to You

With great work come great returns. Tech Mahindra says kudos to its impressive associates through a brilliant Rewards & Recognitions program.

Family Days and Awards

Yes, we celebrate together as one big family at work. That said, why should your family at home not join in? We are a party, and everyone is invited.

Extended Families

Your family at home: Check. Your family at work: Check. Extended families: Yes. Why? When success and happiness do not discriminate, why would celebration?

Digital Celebrations

From robots (who work for you) to cobots (who collaborate with you) to humanoids (who engage emotionally with you), TechM takes celebration to a completely new level. So much so, that we have started having a digital host for our biggest celebratory event of the year.

Leadership Connects

When we celebrate each moment, we do it with every TechMighty together. With this thought, TechMighties regularly connect with leaders across the globe in physical, online, and digital ways, and come together to celebrate failures and rejoice successes.

At Tech Mahindra, empowering all to Rise is about becoming a better version of ourselves each day. It is about creating and benefitting from opportunities to gain experience, innovate, lead, grow, and brand yourself within and beyond Tech Mahindra always. At the same time, it is about becoming an intentionally diverse and naturally inclusive company that respects, loves, and celebrates people of all kinds.

Empowered to Learn

From a management trainee to a CXO, we pride calling ourselves on being a company that is constantly asking questions and eternally learning. With excellent partnerships for learning and development, there will never be a day when you do not grow your skills and knowledge.

Empowered to Innovate

We only believe in two kinds of ideas: the good ones that already work, and the ones that will become better and work in the future. TechMighties may fail in innovation once, but they will never fail to innovate, ever.

Empowered to Lead

With thoughtful programs that groom you for diverse roles in sales, delivery, strategy, and more, you can prepare yourself to lead an account, a country, or a whole function, right from the first day of your career at Tech Mahindra.

Empowered to Grow

An enterprising, disruptive, and evolving company needs just the same kind of people – enterprising, disruptive, and evolving. One way to feed that hunger is by giving you enough opportunities to think, try, and fail until you succeed.

Empowered to Brand

The best representation of the brand of an institution is nothing but its people and its culture – we understand that. It is only natural; therefore, we enjoy many opportunities to create our individual brands, both within & beyond TechM.

Empowered to Be

Welcoming people of all kinds, we are an intentionally diverse and naturally inclusive organization that not just encourages you to be yourself but loves you for that.

Life at TechM