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AI is all-pervasive. Infused into every aspect of any business, it can transform the business model and the processes that define it, the applications that deliver it, and the infrastructure that supports it.

Our Services


Tech Mahindra’s design thinking-led approach and frameworks help identify AI opportunities lurking in your organization. Our experts identify the right AI strategy and roadmap for your organization.

  • Strategy and Roadmap
  • Discovery 
  • Process Mining and Task Mining
  • AI Maturity Assessment
  • COE Setup
  • Enterprise IA and AI Architecture evaluation
  • Platform/Technology Evaluation
  • Evangelize AI Pair Programming


Our principle of ‘fail fast to learn faster’ is enabled by an ecosystem of experimentation. Our AI Labs for innovative opportunities enable us, along with partners or clients, to co-innovate.

  • Gen AI Experiment as a Service (XaaS)
  • AI Labs 
  • Sandbox Setup
  • PoT and Fast Experiment
  • Partner/Client Co-Innovation


We help you leverage your data and AI assets across the organization coupled with our AI solutions in order to scale up on your AI journey. Our AI enablement programs can help accelerate the democratization of AI.

  • Model Factory 
  • AI Ops and ML Ops
  • Digital Workforce Management
  • AI and Bot Performance Management
  • AI Store 
  • AI Enablement
  • Data Annotation
  • Enterprise AI Platform Build
  • Responsible Adoption
  • Enterprise Knowledge Search
  • Synthetic Data Generation
  • AI-driven Content Moderation
  • Generative AI Studio Build
  • Custom LLM Build


We help your organization realize the benefits of AI with the right ecosystem and sustain your framework for ethical and reliable models along with a robust AI governance model.

  • Digital Workforce Monitoring
  • AI and Bot Governance
  • DevOps – CD2 Model
  • Bot Command Center

AI Solutions, Offerings and Platforms

AI Maturity Assessment

The framework can help organizations assess and define AI strategy and dimensions for enterprise AI adoption responsibly.

Generative AI Studio

A virtual generative AI experimentation space to help enterprises bootstrap generative AI, comprising 10+ model families and 50+ prebuilt use cases across text, document, data, code, video, and audio.

Generative AI Performance Monitoring

A platform to monitor generative AI applications for business and performance KPIs.

Email amplifAIer

A generative AI-powered email classifier and generator for all the email needs of a contact center.

Ops amplifAIer

AI-based solution for IT support engineers to amplify IT operations.

Vision amplifAIer

A computer vision-based solution covering vision use cases by de-skilling data science work and empowering analysts.

Document amplifAIer

A digital assistant to unlock the full value of documents with training-less content extraction, summarization, and intelligent document operations.

AI-led Care

Our AI-led Care solution brings customer-centricity to the center stage with complaint analytics, conversational AI analytics, and voice call data analytics.

Forecasting Workbench

A workbench to manage model development and deployment lifecycle.

AI Store

A marketplace platform for storage, search, and retrieval of AI assets for an enterprise.

Responsible AI Adoption

Establishing transparent, unbiased, fair, and interpretable AI-powered decision-making process while also adapting to industry-specific regulations.

AIOps solutions suite

AIOps solution suite discovers, maps, and monitors the entire IT landscape across teams and tools, which include cognitive process monitoring, problem analytics, alert noise management, DB anomaly detection, provisioning commerce, access commerce, etc.

Intelligent Asset Inspection Platform

This platform provides end-to-end services for asset assessment, including capture of Lidar and imagery, identification of defects, field management systems including auditing and compliance, digital twins, and geospatial data services.


MobiLytix™ Marketing Studio provides marketers with integrated tools to leverage advances in AI seamlessly, real-time decision making, and digital marketing technology to power their customer value management (CVM) programs.


Legal Artificial Assistant

A legal artificial assistant powered by a natural language processing (NLP) based platform to extract critical clauses from contract documents and perform subsequent actions.

An end-to-end innovative, secure, and automated cloud platform, “,” powers telco networks to accelerate digital transformation and enable rapid deployment of 5G networks.



One-stop solution in the digital age for warranty and aftermarket problem areas across various industries through intelligent automation, real-time intelligence, and enhanced service experience.


Industries We Serve

Communications, Media and Entertainment

We can help the industry reduce manual effort and operational costs significantly (30-50%) while providing scalability to handle peaks in volume. Reduction in human interventions also enables better compliance.



With pervasive AI, we are helping banking and financial organizations cater to the evolving needs of consumers in the new digital economy as well as get ready for the future.



Our AI-based solutions have helped manufacturers detect defects in large structures (e.g., airplanes), resulting in a 40-70% reduction in manual inspection efforts.


Healthcare and LifeScience

With augmented intelligence in healthcare, our solutions are able to effectively analyse patient data and suggest preventive techniques for enhanced patient outcomes.



We provide an end-to-end modular platform focusing on operations that customers value most, with automation of processes and functions being our key differentiator in the industry.


Travel, Transportation, and Logistics

We help TTL industries to run better, change faster and grow greater in this connected world by providing a connected experience.

Oil and Gas

With our AI-first approach, we can help manage disruption in the hydrocarbon value chain and enable organizations to transition to innovative operating models.


Energy and Utilities

We provide customers with intuitive ways to make informed decisions on electric, water, and gas usage with natural language processing techniques in customer communication with virtual agents.


Leadership’s Commitment

"An enterprise needs to transform business processes, with Al being key ammunition for transformation. Al needs to move from being just individual use case to being all-pervasive across value chains, thus enabling businesses to amplify outcomes."
Kunal Purohit, President – Next Gen Service

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