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AI Creates a New Era for Healthcare

AI is improving every aspect of our lives with solutions that will revolutionize healthcare and life sciences. It has limitless potential to transform all aspects of patient care and engagement. That approach helps pharma companies improve patient relationships through personalized services, saving time on tedious manual processes while revealing new opportunities to improve healthcare and life science services worldwide.

Industry Gaps and Opportunities


  • Checking for inappropriate use of medication that contributes to global antimicrobial resistance
  • Lacking a quick and efficient way of patient reporting
  • Missing advice on antibiotic variants
  • Providing 24/7 services

Service Offerings


This 24/7 conversational interface app is built to support patient engagement by leveraging Facebook. It can be tailored to patients' course of antibiotics, who can set reminders and participate in the conversation through a chatbot to drive behavior change and awareness of antibiotics. Medzy ensures stronger adherence to medication requirements, using reminders and efficient adverse event reporting through an automated channel. It also features pop-up facts and quizzes to underscore the importance of combating antimicrobial resistance on an individual and global scale.


  • 24/7 support that facilitates better HCP and patient relationships
  • Enhanced patient care and education with high user satisfaction
  • Personalized self-service and lower customer engagement costs
Cognitive Component Assembly Inspection

For medical companies developing blood components and cellular technologies, manually validating the bearing and disposable assembly with a machine can endanger patients. Our AI-first solution validates the component assembly check and ensures that it follows the standard quality guidelines. The system improves process quality and triggers a false alarm if the fitting is improper.


  • Enables faster turnaround time and substantial cost savings with enhanced usability and high operator satisfaction
  • Facilitates enhanced safety provisioning for patients and ensures reduced wastage

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