Corporate Citizenship: Tech Mahindra Social Responsibilities

Initiatives for Corporate Citizenship

At the heart of every technological innovation are exemplary corporate citizens coming together to create a better future for all, And that is what Tech Mahindra has always strived to do. Our initiatives benefit the lives of individuals, their communities, and the planet that each of us calls home. From education, and individual social responsibility, to worldwide sustainability efforts, we are proud to do our part in creating a brighter tomorrow.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Tech Mahindra Foundation

Established in 2006, the Tech Mahindra Foundation works tirelessly towards our vision of ‘Empowerment Through Education.’ Additionally, the foundation focuses on the areas of education, employability, and disability, with a focus on corporate volunteering. With both direct and partner-implemented programs run through 11 locations throughout India, the Tech Mahindra Foundation has become a nationwide leader in corporate social responsibility.

Mahindra Educational Institutions

The Mahindra Educational Institutions (MEI) focus on transforming India’s educational sector. Among its landmark projects is the new Mahindra University, a multi-disciplinary campus established in 2020. Located in Hyderabad, Mahindra University offers undergraduate, post-graduate, and Ph.D. programs that enable holistic development for each student. Mahindra University will operate autonomously with curricula designed with a dual concentration on emotional and artificial intelligence paradigms.

Individual Social Responsibility

Along with our broader initiatives, we encourage each TechMighty to do their part to improve their communities, whether it’s volunteering for a social cause, participating in carpool, or planting three trees each month. According to our CEO, CP Gurnani, individual social responsibility is “an emotional investment that can last a lifetime and beyond, and transform communities for a sustainable future.