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As a trusted digital transformation partner for over two decades, we deliver Nxt.Gen solutions across the patient care continuum. Our future-forward solutions address industry challenges, integrate digital transformation into business strategy, ensure regulatory compliance, drive continuous improvement, and prioritize extraordinary patient experiences and high-impact outcomes.

What We Offer


We offer innovative and end-to-end integrated solutions for healthcare providers. Our solutions enhance the efficiency of physicians, hospitals, ancillary facilities, clinics, governmental health bodies, and public health organizations.


Our medtech practice is a partner of choice for global industry majors. We develop next-generation products and technologies through strong domain capabilities in end-to-end medical product development solutions and sustenance engineering support.


Our deep pharmaceutical domain expertise, historical R&D experience, outcome-based partnerships with global giants and diverse geographical outreach have enabled our clients to achieve seamless digital transformation.


Our Services

Computational Drug Discovery

An AI-powered solution to predict the success of a new drug and for repurposing existing drugs.


An AI/ML-based solution used for accurate prognosis and optimization of the treatment for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and personalized medicine.

Integrated Rural Health

Coordinating care to help people manage chronic conditions and achieve better health, thereby reducing expensive acute care episodes.

Patient Support Program

A beyond-the-pill initiative, helping the patients adhere to medications by utilizing holistic patient-centric service offerings.

Discovery Research Platform

Unified request management and fulfillment platform that simplifies the process of making reagents available for scientific research and drug development.


Automates repeatable and complex tasks to help reduce human efforts and improve the efficiency of case processing and regulatory submissions for pharmacovigilance.

Lab Informatics Systems

Automating the workflow within the lab by integrating the data from LIMS, ERP, CQA, and QMS.

Digital Marketing

Technology enables the pharma sales force to transform the practice of medicine into the science of medicine.

Artwork and Pack Management

The solution helps reduce product recalls due to packaging errors at a lower cost.

IDMP Compliance

The ultimate compliance solution – unifying the product journey.

Prediction of Antimicrobial Resistance

The AI-based platform for investigating AMR in UTI patients. The solution helps pick up the right data points from the available information from patient history to understand whether the bacterial strain is antibiotic-resistant or sensitive.

Advanced Clinical Platform

Digital transformation of clinical operations leading to patient-centric clinical trials and improved study management through optimized workflows.

Digital Twin in Vaccine Process

Unified solution for machine connectivity, real-time process parameter data extraction, and 
IT-OT system integration.

Smart Packaging – eLeaflets

An electronic version of the statutory product information for medicines is needed to inform patients about the administration, precautions, and potential side effects of their prescribed medication.

Care Management ROI Calculator

Helps to determine whether the program is effective in its mission and identify areas of improvement.

Provider Network Management

Reduces enrollment time, paperwork, and administrative costs and improves provider relationships.

Workspace-as-a- service

Our concept of ‘Demo-in-a-box’ allows organizations to experience workplace virtualization and simplify the whole process for customers.

Integrated Business Insights

Integrates clinical, claims, operational, and financial data - from structured and unstructured – from multiple, disparate healthcare data sources.

Population Health Management

A framework and a platform solution which includes care management, patient engagement, healthcare analytics, care coordination and wellness management solution.

Digitized Channel Management

An integrated framework that combines key technologies in sales and marketing that streamlines opportunity management with business analytics and reporting.

Provider 360

The P360 Provider Management is an integrated set of modules to collect, organize, store, contract, and service provider data by automating contracting and credentialing.

Provider Onboarding

Helps payer companies in slashing onboarding timelines and administrative expenses and minimizing healthcare fraud.

AI-led Command Center Operations

Decrease unscheduled downtime, distribute and maintain communication assets, and optimize ticket timing.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Addressing the issues related to the shortage of clinical experts and hospital staff.

Emergency Management and Public Safety Platform

Our solution with EMRi will help provide Integrated Emergency Response IT solutions across several states, impacting a population of over 850 million.

Virtual Care Solution

Helping implement government health programs in rural and urban areas, thereby redefining healthcare delivery and creating the world’s largest integrated digital health network (IDHN).


The solution helps bridge the gaps in healthcare delivery, especially where there are physical limitations in infrastructure, thereby transforming the delivery of healthcare.


Encrypted anti-counterfeit solution for securely authenticating the genuine medical accessories to be used along with respective medical products.


Design and development of Personal Emergency and Response System Device.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Wearable multiparameter monitoring solution, which provides flexibility of monitoring on the move.

Surgical Kit Tracking

Custom device development for enabling real-time tracking of kits both indoors and outdoors.

Health ATM

Smart health kiosks for automated health screening, live video consultation with doctors, instant health reports, and delivery of medicines.

The HCI Group

HCI Group enables Tech Mahindra to be a global leader in healthcare IT consulting and technology solutions. We are committed to improving healthcare globally through a combination of disruptive innovation and cost reduction. Our vision is to transform the healthcare industry into the leader of the adoption of digital technology.


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Discovery Research Platform

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