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The global telecom and media industry is rapidly evolving, with access to vast data that can transform business models and customer experiences. Tech Mahindra's Data Analytics and AI services help our clients streamline data processes, enhancing customer experience, operational efficiency, and profitability. From data acquisition to advanced analytics, we connect the dots, providing valuable insights to drive business growth.

Solution Highlights

Data Advisory

Audit, Strategy, Roadmap 
Collaborate to define the data strategy for your enterprise by providing an as-is assessment and methodology.

Data Management

Data marketplace, Data Governance, Data Catalog, Data Quality, Meta Data Management 
Manage data securely through data consultancy, acquisition, governance, master data management, and metadata management.

Data Migration

On-Prem, Cloud, Multi-Cloud 
Respond to your needs for data selection, preparation, and transformation, of the right quality, to the right target, at the right time.

Data Operations

DataOps and Data Observability 
Our framework of data operations covers end-to-end lifecycle phases, including consulting, organizing, building, and operating.

Data Security

CCPA, GDPR, Data Archival and Purge, AI-based Regulatory Compliance for Media.

Data Platform Architecture and Build

EDW, Big Data on Cloud, Data Lake, Delta Lake, Lakehouse 
Create a centralized data platform that enables self-service data analysis, immediate access to the data cloud, and the capacity to scale up quickly.

Modern Data Integration and Availability

ETL, Data Fabric, Data Mesh, Data Virtualization, Data Composability, Streaming Data, Data Exchange 
Assess varying needs for data availability and visualization through proven frameworks to recommend solutions with modern methodologies and tools.

Data Monetization

Through years of research and experience in data marketplaces, we help you identify and monetize assets while adhering to the prevailing guidelines.

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Visualize the value from enterprise data and analyze organizational KPIs through various advanced tools. Domain Solutions Revenue Assurance: Identify and plug potential revenue leakages that are beyond the purview of traditional systems using AI Customer Value Management.

Actionable Insights

Offerings include: Customer 360, CLVM, Churn Prediction, Alarm Prediction, Fault detection, Ad Analytics, First Party Data Analytics, Campaign Analytics, Next Best offer and Usage profiling, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, AI/ML Media Workflow, Video Analysis, Storyboard/Promo Creation


Accelerate data migration to the cloud through automation and best practices, which helps organizations reduce 40% of migration efforts.


Disruptive intelligence platform to monitor analytics resource consumption, maximize efficiency by 20-30%, and save time in data analysis by 40-60%.


By enabling data acceleration that can be implanted on any database, iDecisions helps organizations optimize time, effort, and cost by 35-40%.


Unified data management framework for data migration and data quality management, which can also be implemented as a revenue and margin assurance framework.

Supply Chain Analytics

Address key challenges in the SCM value chains and adapt the Kanban methodology framework for implementing agile and DevOps software.

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