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Creating a Sustainable Future

Our energy and utilities vertical empowers customers toward digital transformation and provide them with the tools and resources to create a sustainable future. We focus on operational efficiency and superior customer experience through future-ready, certified solutions


Our Services


This RPA-based integrated solution is designed for utility companies seeking to transform their digital customer experiences through unexplored channels.


CXRISE is a platform offering an integrated approach to digital customer experience, built for the industry, and leveraging AI, ML, and IoT to deliver a refreshing take on customer experience and driving customer engagement. 


UtilityRise is a pre-configured, certified suite of solutions tailored for utilities built with Industry best practices to optimize the digital core including connection to collection, account consolidations, payment processing, meter and meter data processing, on Oracle and SAP platform. 


This platform fulfills the asset, work management, and field force service requirements of the utility value chain. This solution uses intelligent EAM, IoT, Connected field force, asset and work analytics, and forecasting. 


This is an Intelligent and secured E2E AMI platform to enhance smart metering and prepaid billing capabilities.


RenewableInsights is an IoT platform solution on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services designed for solar and wind companies to meet the changing needs of the industry.


This is an IoT solution for integrating charging stations with the electricity grid. It syncs information to the Utility backend system allowing the owner to make wise decisions on energy management and helps in grid stability. 


CAPE is a free-to-use online platform, helping citizens to organize and manage their own community energy schemes. This is an advanced analytics platform combining energy, satellite, aerial, social and economic data into targeted insights. CAPE provides free-of-charge services to community groups and city councils.

5G For Utilities

This platform enables digital transformation, improves safety, asset optimization and helps companies extract higher values through creating the workforce of the future.

Integration of DER to the Grid

Maturing energy technologies challenge the ways in which businesses engage with customers, creating opportunities for solutions such as our DER integration. This solution aligns with the needs of “prosumers,” a growing segment that acts as both micro-suppliers and consumers. 


TechMNxt solution supports the power industry to grow in all directions: electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and retail to commercial and residential customers.


Our solutions provide intelligent solar and wind energy asset monitoring and efficiency management platforms. Our energy and utilities vertical also focuses on new renewable technologies for hydroelectric power, wind power, bioenergy, solar energy, and geothermal energy.


We help resolve issues related to seamless operations in gas distribution.


We address systemic issues issues such as the emergence of nuclear power and solving them with AR and VR devices while providing sustainable solutions

Distributed Energy Resources

We provide services to electric vehicle charging systems, build microgrids and provide real-time data streaming, monitoring the infrastructure by working with end-users, manufacturers, and utilities.


Our solutions focus on safety, environmental requirements, project development planning, operations in the mining industry.

Smart Cities

We design systems with IoT, data analytics, machine learning enables smart city transformation with solutions like, meter reading, energy management, and many more utilities.


Our ERP solutions in asset management and digital core improve business process automation.


Alvatec strengthens Tech Mahindra's AI capabilities and our focus on building digital twins for linear assets leveraging cloud, drone, and mobility technologies in the geospatial domain.


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Re-invigorating Customer Experience


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TechMNxt cutting edge solutions


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Malaysia’s Largest Water Utility


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UAE’s Electricity & Water Utility



Enablement of Digital Self Service Platform



Network system transformation unlocks potential to improve productivity & efficiency



The NXT in Smart Meters

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