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Delighting Customers through Digital Self-Service Platforms

About the Customer

The customer provides power and water services to over 42,200 residential customers and approximately 271 industrial customers in Jubail and Yanbu.

One of its core values is being customer focused; and so, they are committed to building healthy and sustainable relationships with its customers that will generate long-term mutual benefits.

As Saudi Arabia’s first private integrated power and water utility company, it strives to continuously improve its services for its customers.


The customer wanted to implement a comprehensive solution, which could help

  • Improve customer service
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

The application would enable them to become more proactive in anticipating customer's needs and resolving issues faster, and establish a channel to respond to customers in a practical and meaningful way. 

Strategy and Insight

To meet their objectives, we helped them adopt SEW’s digital CX platform, Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®).

The platform allowed them to quickly leverage new technologies and gain strategic advantage. It enabled them to capture digital value and gain all the benefits that technology offers.

It effectively engages with its customers through multiple channels and achieves the desired outcome of customer service excellence while providing services at competitive and sustainable prices while being environmentally sensitive.

Business & Community Impact:

  • They have been able to capture the value of digital technologies and improve operations and flexibility throughout the utility value chain.
  • The platform also helped mobilize the entire organization and provided momentum for embracing a longer-term, more profitable digital transformation.
  • By tapping the potential of customers and operational analytics, automating processes, and implementing digital tools – they were able to initiate a transformation of existing business models.

Furthermore, SCM allowed them to incorporate advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, to expand their existing service portfolios to include smart, digital-based services tailored to meet customer’s needs, that helped elevated customer experiences and improve their brand value.