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How will AI benefit manufacturing?

Manufacturing is one of the prime beneficiaries of digital investments, capturing nearly $8 trillion in growth while innovating customer experiences, driving new efficiencies, and vastly improving asset utilization.

Embedded Intelligence is the Future

Operating Model Transformation

AI enables self-healing automation in factories, supply chains, and other processes through:

  • Automation and AI-enabled/robotic process optimization
  • Higher levels of autonomy and automated decision-making
Generate New Revenue Streams Through New Business Models
  • Autonomous driving and ADAS features
  • Personalized offers based on unique ID
  • Next-generation navigation and maintenance scheduling
  • Advanced fleet management for shared vehicle
Data-Enabled Services for New Customer Experiences and Smarter Sales
  • Enhanced flight experience
  • Enhanced service with better First Time Right scores through AI-enabled service knowledge management
  • Virtual assistants answer customer queries.
  • Navigating assistants to support search and sales on e-commerce sites.

Digital technologies such as AI, IoT, and Blockchain are ushering in a new age of manufacturing, but they are often deployed in silos, which under-utilizes their individual capacities and creates more manual oversight. That is why our investments in new manufacturing solutions focus on the convergence of these technologies.

Tech Mahindra has invested in top IoT platform providers to deliver a new generation of solutions engineered to help manufacturers scale production while continually automating their processes. We’ve made investments in AI lifecycle management with platforms such as GAiA.

Together, we are ready to leverage the convergence of these technologies to create a smarter and more efficient set of processes throughout the manufacturing value chain.


Tech Mahindra’s AI can help retailers make sense of their massive customer data sets, enabling them to shift and adapt their strategies. AI in retail ensures uniform footfall and forecasting analytics across locations, reduced efficiency leakages, as well as freed up man-hours.

Re-Inventing Retail With AI

Tech Mahindra’s AI-first approach helps retailers understand new consumer trends faster, with accurate forecasting analytics that reduces manual time spent analyzing data. Our AI solutions for retail customers have been able to reduce turnaround time by up to 70% and TCO up to 40%.

Industry Gap
  • Relying only on time-intensive and expensive manual content creation causes delays in product launches and web updates.
  • Different stores globally have manual/thermal-based footfall counting systems, giving scattered data without any details about their demographic.
  • Markets are becoming increasingly volatile, with brand loyalty being driven by convenience rather than price, and the highly unstructured retailer-level data and inventory issues are affecting their supply chain.
AI Services
  • Automated content generation, accurate AI product tagging and customisable workflow management in an end-to-end modular platform.
  • Improved forecast accuracy and inventory positioning in real-time.
  • Voice-based experiential analytics.
  • AI-based customer behavioral analytics and segmentation.
  • Dynamic video ad creation and delivery.
  • AI-based security monitoring and COVID-19 related social distancing, mask detection and hygiene compliance detection and alerting system.


Digital Business Operations

Retailers cannot solely rely on time-intensive content creation due to quick-changing consumer trends and increasing digitalization. Our automated solution generates unique content from product attributes, streamlines workflow, and automatically tags images, saving retailers the time to focus on what customers value most.



  • Reduces turnaround time by up to 80%; TCO by up to 70%.
  • Capable of generating over 1000 tags in about 4 hours and over 1000 pieces of product content in real-time.
  • Provides AI-based image tagging and content generation solutions for products and expedites the process and improves workflow

Demand Sensing and Forecasting

For a global food producer, the downstream retailer level data was proving to be highly unstructured to base any strategy on. Manual interventions were leading to errors, and inventory issues were negatively impacting business. Our AI-first forecasting enabled a central repository for the demand data from more than 4000 distributors for efficient shelf management and pricing analysis.



  • Reduce forecast errors by up to 45%.
  • Lower inventories by up to 40% and reduce stock-outs, overstocking, and slow-moving inventory by 5 to 30%.
  • Enables increases in customer service engagement levels
  • Reduces write-offs and fosters better collaboration across teams for smarter, faster decisions.

AI Chatbots

Our AI-powered chatbots are designed to identify relevant customers and provide them with the required support. Every interaction enhances their understanding of consumer behavior, enabling them to provide better-informed and personalized solutions over mobile, website, or social channels.



  • Establish a seamless and faster connection with customers
  • Cost reductions of up to 30%.
  • Capability to deliver real-time, instant answers and anticipate future customer needs, further enhancing customer experiences.

Customer Segmentation, Dynamic Ad Generation and Delivery

Variation in consumer demographics contributes to vastly different buying and searching patterns from region to region. Our solution analyzes these buying and searching patterns, allowing for innumerable segmentations and creating dynamic video advertisements for each targeted segment. It also ensures the delivery of such advertisements on OTT platforms and social channels where the customers spend most of their time.



  • Establish connections with the right customers for targeted advertisements
  • Increase conversions by up to 50% against existing approaches.
  • Deliver faster GTM, personalized segment based dynamic video Ad delivery and across social channels and other OTT platforms targeted ad delivery.

Customer Behavioral Analytics, Personalization, and Frictionless Checkout Experiences

With a wide variety of customer touchpoints, there are many sources of customer interactions. Our AI-powered solution continuously learns and connects that data for better insights and a much better and more personalized customer experience. It also leverages video-based data for real-time security and advanced use cases like pick and go (e.g. Amazon Go).



  • Connect a single view of the customer across the channels and gain a better understanding of customer preferences. This enables effective planning for marketing and promotions.
  • Provision advanced, real-time alerts for security threats
  • Frictionless checkout experiences.

Visual Security and COVID-19 Compliance Surveillance

This system can be applied to monitor crowd accumulation, face mask detection, social distancing compliance and hygiene practices check. It uses AI-based image recognition and inference systems to detect these scenarios and raise alerts against them if any non-compliance is detected in order to alert the authorities to trigger corrective behavior initiatives.



  • AI-based mask detection, face recognition, and hygiene check system.
  • Plug-and-play solution with GTM estimated at less than 2 weeks using existing cameras
  • Save on security personnel costs.

Voice-Based Experiential Analytics

Our AI-augmented analytics product is designed for mobile and desktop sites and applications and eliminates the need for users to speak in jargon. Our solution uses NLP-based text and voice-powered search. It also enables users to create a personalized information landscape by AI-driven learning. It alerts users in case of anomalies, outliers, and early warnings through ML-powered ‘Nudges'



  • Vocal commands-based BI reports generation and nudges and alerts on trends informed by analytics.
  • 90% of users drill to the second level of KPIs and a significant increase in monthly target achievement.