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Our manufacturing sector BPS solutions are guided by the 3-4-3 strategy: identifying three megatrends (IoT, new technologies, and rising content consumption), leveraging four key technologies (AI, 5G, blockchain, cybersecurity), with the aim to enhance operations, accelerate transformation, and drive significant growth.


Along with helping leading manufacturers create the factory of the future, we’ve supported over 150 companies worldwide with business process services. Every solution we create can be tailored to a wide range of verticals including automotive, aerospace, discrete and product manufacturing. For each client, we develop solutions grounded in our 3-4-3 Strategy.

Our Strategy

Understanding Trends
  • Growing Demand for Mass-Customization
  • Human-Robot Collaboration
  • Rapid IT-OT Convergence
Delivering Solutions (FIRM)
  • Factory
  • IoT
  • Reliability
  • Mobility
Our Goals
  • Imagine Greater
  • Build Better
  • Run Faster

Leading the Way

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Case Study

5G-led Video Analytics Revolutionizing Public/Enterprise Safety and Security

Case Study

New Age Product Development

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