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New Age Product Development

Business Overview

Traditional development techniques no longer suffice for manufacturers of industrial equipment. As intelligence integrates into mechanical systems, separating application lifecycle management (ALM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) becomes harder. Software's growing significance in product lifecycle development erodes boundaries, necessitating seamless collaboration between ALM and PLM.


Increased investments in New Product Development have reduced cycle time from 36 months to 18-24 months. The digital disruption wave has brought the cost of production down, and its contribution to revenue has increased. Overall, this has helped in changing the NPD approach from Feature-based to Experience-based.

Our Capabilities

With over 40+ patent Grants and 100+ new product introductions to our credit, we have helped clients realize more than $30M annual cost savings through proven LCC sourcing and $200M+ cumulative savings through Value Engineering. 

Complete Service Portfolio

We offer a complete service portfolio that includes design, platform development, feasibility studies, virtual and physical validation, as well as system integration.

End-to-end Solution

Our end-to-end solution provides electronics solution implementation on all appliances, including hardware, firmware, and software.

Center of Excellence

Our center of excellence focuses on structure, sealed and storage systems, and we have a dedicated lab for consumer appliance testing.

Case Studies hero
Case Studies hero

Key Differentiators


Smart I2M Methodology

Instead of taking an engineering-driven, sequential waterfall approach to development, we focus on discerning the future demands of customers and using an agile and iterative approach to design, test, and refine products in multiple iterations. Reusable software platform designs give our clients an advantage over competitors that continually redesign to solve isolated problems. Our Smart I2M (Idea 2 Market) methodology for faster development and release: 

Continuous learning

Allows continuous experimentation, feedback, flexibility & incremental release

Design thinking

Design thinking anchorage helps reduce surprises that come after product release


Build-Measure-Learn approach helps to create products customers want