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Streamlining Manual Operations

Businesses invest a lot of their time, money, and skilled labor in managing cumbersome, manual operations, which lead to siloed structures, unintegrated legacy systems, and disrupted process flows. While many businesses are reluctant to delegate, TechM BPS BPaaS can facilitate these end-to-end processes, allowing you to focus on key areas in-house.



The BPaaS Vision

TechM’s integrated BPaaS solution empowers your team with software powered by intelligent, AI-driven analytics and automation technologies. Outsourcing these manual processes with our BPaaS solution will enhance your day-to-day operations while reducing unnecessary costs on mundane tasks. As a result, your human workforce can focus on your core competencies and business targets while we manage operational processes and deliver the best outcome.

Our Services

This platform provides end-to-end visibility of supply and demand, field service automation, AI-based decision-making, and cognitive supply chain by bringing together people, data, technology, and innovative systems or processes for intelligent.



A cloud-native, AI-powered tool to gain insights into employee productivity using computer vision tech and advanced analytics.


AceFin – Finance Aced

AceFin, a cognitive AI-based BPaaS solution, provides persona-based dashboards for data-driven insights and operational transparency and execution.


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