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Revolutionizing CFO Decision-Making

CFOs face challenges in making timely decisions due to the lack of a single source of truth and difficulty in accessing company-wide metrics and trends. AceFin, a cognitive AI-based BPaaS solution, solves this problem by providing persona-based dashboards and insights, operational transparency, data-driven insights, and operational execution.


Solution Overview

Drive Efficiency with AceFin

AceFin delivers on our promise of a single source of truth, persona-based dashboards, and insights, generating actionable insights to achieve business objectives and driving efficiency through process improvement.

With easily accessible company-wide metrics and trends, CFOs can make timely decisions while maintaining best-in-class standards in their industry. Additionally, AceFin provides operational transparency, data-driven insights, and a focus on finance operation KPIs for robust control.

Solution Highlights

Data Mining Methodology

Enable advanced data mining methodology and ability to convert complex data into graphs/analysis and insights.

Speed/Agility and Accuracy

Re-imagine skills and resources for timely and accurate outputs (data integrity).

Decision-Making Process

Analyse working capital and cash management to provide desired insights to enable informed decisions.

Immediate Attention Points

Produce on-demand reports for the CFO office based on KPIs.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Focus on budgeting and forecasting, data, and results, giving an edge to CFO’s office.

Finance Operations KPIs

Attention to finance operation KPIs to provide robust control.


Transparency Insight

Operational transparency with a consolidated view, benchmarking, and drill-downs.

Insightful Steering

Initiative leads gain insights for steering and targeted actions.

Media Insight

Local press owners and analysts can understand and correct inefficiencies.

Leading the Way


AceFin™ Order to Cash (O2C) Reporting and Analytics


AceFin™ Reporting and Analytics

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