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Yantr.ai revolutionizes field service operations. This platform provides end-to-end visibility of supply and demand, field service automation, AI-based decision-making, and cognitive supply chain by bringing together people, data, technology, and innovative systems or processes for intelligent and autonomous execution thereby improving the customer experience and optimizing the cost of operations.


Solution Overview

Revolutionizing Field Service Management with AI and ML

Yantr.ai is a cognitive, next-gen field service platform enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning with deep analytical insights, dynamic decision-making support, and future-proof planning to optimize your field services/ field management operations. Yantr.ai transforms field service management from inefficient and manual workflows, creating optimized operational costs, standardized and digitized workflows, and centralized, objectives-driven prioritization.

Solution Highlights

Yantr.ai offers a variety of short-, mid-, and long-term benefits with an array of features that separates it from the rest of the field service management tools and covers the gap in the market with its best-in-class solutions.

Demand Forecasting

Accurate forecast results are generated using client-provided demand and supply datasets and external factors like weather and promotions through advanced algorithms.

Operational Planning

Optimize daily demand and supply using an industry-best package. Track metrics and generate planning recommendations based on historical trends.

Strategic Planning

One year of demand and supply forecasted numbers are optimized to maximize workforce utilisation efficiently and effectively.

Scenario Modelling

Comparison of baseline scenarios with customized scenarios and cross-validated key metrics results to take better actions.

Decision Support Recommendations

Optimize workforce utilization by allocating work last minute due to factors like customer unavailability, weather, and assistance.

Solution Benefits

Tech Efficiency

Increase in internal technician productivity by ~7% and experience by 15%

SLA Enhancement

Improvement in SLA by ~ 4% - 7%

NPS Boost

Improved NPS by ~ 5-7%

FTE Efficiency

Reduction in FTE across field operations from 40% to 5%

Production Boost

Approximately 15% improvement in production efficiency of workflow control centre

Brand Elevation

Improved brand perception and strategic positioning

Leading the Way


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