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The Next Era of Media

Media and entertainment are more accessible to consumers than in any period in human history. More and more information is readily available at our fingertips. Tech Mahindra’s AI-first solutions prepare leading broadcasters and companies to thrive in this new age. These solutions help the media and entertainment industry create rich content, provide enhanced consumer experiences, and drive better monetization strategies.

Industry Gaps and Service Offerings

Most broadcasters are now streaming hours and hours of always-on content, making maintaining consistency in quality a monumental task. Implementing broadcast or network guidelines requires significant manual effort and results in vulnerabilities for consistency to be compromised. Ensuring the right content reaches the right audience requires a deep knowledge of where, when, and how to reach them. Additionally, these parameters are always changing.

Tech Mahindra’s AI service offerings are grounded in unrivaled expertise in technology and analytics, which can be put to the best use by devising next-generation solutions in media and entertainment. AI within the media and entertainment sectors can be used to read through the immense content that goes out every day in various forms and formats and cull any inconsistencies, discrepancies, or undesirable content. AI can also help analyze large volumes of information while making it uniform to comply with formats set by broadcasters.  

Our Solutions

Information Quality Check

Tech Mahindra’s AI-first solution analyzes video and audio content in order to identify objectionable visual content (like nudity, violence, smoking, drug abuse, profanity, etc.) by using NLP and Deep Learning techniques.

Object Recognition

To identify company logos or faces in the available content, computer vision techniques are used to analyze the video file or stream. Once identified, the broadcaster can choose to monetize them.

Service Benefits

Information Quality Check

30 to 50% reduction in manual effort and operating costs while providing scalability to handle peaks in volume. The automated mastering process saves re-mastering time on edit machines by 50%.

Object Recognition

50% reduction in manual effort of screening and tagging time. The solution facilitates new monetization opportunities and simplifies compliance management.

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