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Business Transformation

The choice is obvious when organizations are asked to choose between transformation and disruption. But the journey to transform isn’t as obvious! Successful digital transformations include all stakeholder needs, possibilities, and organizational goals across multiple business layers, products, services, business models, and processes. 

Unique Characteristics

Digitally evolving, “conscious enterprises” build unique characteristics to stay relevant.


Purpose-driven, technology-enabled business


Providers of simple, trustworthy, and sustainable brand experiences


Encouraging the culture of experimentation and value orchestration


Focusing on hyper-collaboration between humans, and human and machines


Higher-order learning-organizations using data and cognitive capabilities

Our Services

Tech Mahindra partners with businesses to help drive digital transformations. Our service suite includes strategy and design, planning for future growth, customer management, analytics, AI, and more.

Strategy and Design

Defining digital strategy in the context of the client’s business strategy and market trends. Designing new business and organizational models to make this a reality.

Digital Customer

Helping clients engage better with their customers across the customer lifecycle. Enabling the right experience, integrated with the right technology.

Responsive Enterprise

Enabling enterprises to be more responsive to change.

Into the NXT

Discovering new horizons for business with new age technologies and determining how to use them to create their future enterprise.

Digital Insights

Leveraging the potential of data, analytics, and cognitive technologies to derive actionable insights to drive competitive advantage and operational excellence.

Intelligent Core

Building a strong technology core that brings business agility by adopting the right platforms, frameworks, and methodology.


Leading the Way


Case Study

Digital and IT Strategy Roadmap for an Upcoming Middle Eastern Smart City

Smart city implementation with amplified customer experience using intelligent, optimized, and responsive infrastructure.


Case Study

American Football Franchise Automates Fan Engagement with a Single Source of Truth

Automated marketing solutions enabled better fan engagement boosting ticket sales and increasing revenue.


Case Study

Next gen contact center framework for a Canadian retailer increases 19 NPS points

Process mining CoE enables customer experience transformation with improved efficiency.


Case Study

Leading Canadian Bank Leverages Data Driven Transformation Achieving Seamless CX

Data driven approach enabled one voice from the bank to its 12 million Canadian banking customers.

Industries(Retail) Hero banner

Case Study

NA based Telco Enhances Customer Experience with Unified Product Catalogue

Omnichannel sales platform enabled integrated sales and consolidated the customer view in the sales experience.

thought leadership

Case Study

Leading Cricket Board Boosts Fan Engagement with Digital Experience

Leveraging websites and mobile apps to establish direct connection with board and fans resulting in more than 1M app downloads.


Case Study

Releasing Predictable and Reliable Social VR Application for A Global Internet Service Provider

Ensuring quality, industry- leading speed of release and best in class ‘launch critical bugs’ identification with 70%+ fix rate.


Case Study

Enabling Patient Centric Clinical Experience for a Swiss Multinational Healthcare Company

Unified cloud-based clinical platform improves patient engagement and reduces operating costs by 15%.


Case Study

Tyre-as-a service offering enhances CX for a Japanese tyre manufacturer

An integrated solution to capture unique identified of the tires and offer subscription-based services to consumers.


Case Study

US-based Marketing Company unlocks EBITDA Savings with Improved Customer Experience

Full CX transformation with roadmap, workforce solution, and technology integration reduces agent attrition rate by 12%.


Case Study

Canadian Energy Company Realizes Value with Business-Centric Approach to Automation

ROI- driven approach to automation and business-IT alignment saves millions of CAD $.


Case Study

Enabling Automated, Smarter Drug Discovery Process for an American Biotech Company

Unified request management and fulfillment platform enabled 50% better collaboration and reduced the turnaround time.


Case Study

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Rollout for a Leading Middle Eastern Utility Company

Rollout of 250,000 electric smart meters increased operational efficiency and provided enhanced visualization of the distribution.


Case Study

Accelerating Nationwide Fiber Rollout for a Leading Telco in the UK

Future-ready, next-gen agile OSS enables lower operational costs and achieve fiber rollout targets.


Case Study

ML based demand forecasting enhances inventory control for a Japanese auto major

Real-time visibility of inventory flow improves accuracy of forecasting of the parts to 90%.


Case Study

Developing Enterprise Hybrid Blockchain Platform for a South Korean Company

Enhanced hybrid blockchain platform accelerates and increases transactions committed to 20,000 per second.


Case Study

Process mining in supply chain operations to improve operational efficiency

Case Study

European telco uses artificial intelligence to automate network operations

Advanced analytics and AI enabled self-healing with 90% accuracy to detect faults.


Case Study

Middle Eastern Telco Explores the Potential of Private 5G Network and Edge Computing

Demonstrated use cases enabling wider opportunity to replicate in industry segments like healthcare, mining, and manufacturing.

Leading the Way

Case Study

Digital supply chain transformation for Global Auto OEM to improve operational efficiencies

Real-time tracking, higher inventory visibility and 100% invoice duplication elimination with TechM's blockchain solution.

Leading the Way

Case Study

Live Moderation of Metaverse for a Global Technology Company

Efficient monitoring and prompt action on unruly users for improved user experience in the metaverse.

Leading the Way

Case Study

Indian auto major adopts 5G network to support enterprise-wide digital transformation

Private 5G network enabled solution in the manufacturing process improve quality defect detection by 87%.


Case Study

A Leading Bank in India Delivers Next-Gen Customer Experience With Metaverse

First bank in India to enter the metaverse and position as digital innovator.


Case Study

A Dutch Publishing Company Saves 14000+ Clinical Hours with Digital Content Process

Using human centric approach in design thinking, the product backlog created provides actionable insights to customers.


Case Study

Creating the First NFT Marketplace in the Automotive Sector for an Indian Auto Major

A one-stop-shop for automobile NFTs, accessible to digital collectors globally.


Case Study

Open RAN technology for an African telco operator reduces carbon footprint

Deployment of Open RAN involves in reduction of power consumption and associated carbon emissions.


Case Study

Middle Eastern Telco Improves Operator's Churn Rates by 30% Using AI/ML Models

Upgraded CVM generates personalized campaigns and enable real-time contextual offers to customers.


Case Study

Delivering Geospatial Intelligence Platform for an Australian Energy Company

Platform enabled better visibility and improved operations of their network, using remote sensing and advanced analytics.


Case Study

NZ based Automobile Insurance Company implements SaaS-based Insurance Systems Suite

Cloud-based, future-ready insurance system enhances client service and future growth aspirations.


Case Study

Enabled Cloud-Based Digital Transformation for a Large American Retail Chain

Implementing a multi-cloud architecture enhances business efficiency and results in a 75% improvement in delivery speed.


Case Study

Canadian media conglomerate improves end-to-end enterprise network efficiency by 40%

Cloud-based digital transformation orchestrates value across ecosystem with security vulnerability detection rate of 95%.


Case Study

TechM’s Accelerators Enable Cloud Transformation for a Global Insurance Company

Enabling cloud transformation increases velocity in data migration and enables cost savings.

Thought Leadership



Omni-channel Retail with Seamless Customer Experience


Maritime 4.0 for Manufacturing and Vessel Operations


Unified Omnichannel Retailing: Still a Distant Thought?


Embracing Digital for Good

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