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Organizations today are facing a severe challenge due the limited ability to plan ahead for an asset’s maintenance, which is further driving up the MTTR, production losses, and lower RoA.

And this is due the non-availability of mechanisms to identify Quantitative risk, resource availability in real-time, and resources re-allocation simulation.

Key Industry Trends

Traditional Asset Management solutions are focused on Asset’s health based on condition monitoring. Once a condition is monitored / addressed the action stops with a simple step of creating a work order. The Cognitive Asset Maintenance solution does not just follow industry trends, but rather focusses on how to resolve the challenges with traditional asset management solutions.

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Cognitive Asset Maintenance is a pan industry solution that provides a consolidated view of work requirements across the shop floor.

The work is identifiable based on risk score, which is pre-configured as per the operating pattern of the factory. It allows organizations to define risk criteria based on various parameters and this makes it a lot easier for the maintenance team to take objective decisions.


Lower MTTR leading to higher Return on Assets

Optimized inventory carrying cost

Better predictability on maintenance completion

Faster decisions due to simulations

Market Drivers

Cognitive Asset Maintenance (CAM) is a great replacement for standard reports and enables seamless hand over between shifts.

CAM enables real-time integration with various non-connected systems and also enables data driven maintenance decisions

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Industry Scenarios

In a typical day of a maintenance lead / engineer, who manages the responsibility of keeping the assets up & running and at peak performance, the following challenges are frequently encountered:
Which asset is more important?

  • What are the contributing factors for one asset’s risk over another?
  • Are there resources available to maintain the asset?
  • What is the impact of not maintaining the asset?
  • Which other work order has and can lend the resources?
  • Are we jeopardizing other assets by re-allocating resources?
  • Can we define limits of resources re-allocation?

For all the above questions and much more to come, Cognitive Asset Maintenance (CAM) solution is the best fit answer.

Tech Mahindra Advantage

Tech Mahindra has 16+ years of experience in delivering turnkey Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions. With a very active Center of Excellence in action, we continue to deliver value to our clients.

Having delivered services to large scale asset intensive organizations, Tech Mahindra brings in a unique blend of industry knowledge and EAM expertise to cater to our client’s specific needs/situations.

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