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Our MES Services help our customers track and synchronize the manufacturing activities across (geographically separated) plants by capturing accurate and real-time data from the factory floor; and thereby enabling improved production output and optimal performance.

Enabling Industry 4.0 Success

MES Leadership

Tech Mahindra is a significant player and a trusted partner in the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) space, with MES serving as a fundamental component of their "Factory of the Future (FoF)" solution, aligned with Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing principles.

MES Services

The MES practice at Tech Mahindra offers a comprehensive range of services on various leading MES platforms, spanning multiple industry domains. These services encompass everything from consulting and product selection to implementation, rollouts, upgrades, and ongoing support, solidifying Tech Mahindra as a dependable partner for clients embarking on their MES journey.

ROI Enhancement

Leveraging expertise in L4 business applications (such as ERP, PLM, SCM, etc.) and L1/L2 Industrial Automation Systems, Tech Mahindra's MES practice is well-equipped to assist customers in achieving a more robust return on investment (ROI).

Our Services

Tech Mahindra has expertise on leading MES platforms like Aspen, Dassault Systèmes Apriso Flexnet, GE Proficy, Honeywell MES Applications, OSI PI, Rockwell FTPC, SAP ME & MII, Siemens Camstar, and has a close working relationship with the product vendors.

Roadmap Consulting

Consulting projects to define MES roadmap based on Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing principles.

Platform Selection

MES platforms selection based on clients’ business needs

Solution Delivery

MES Solution Design, Development and Implementation

MES Services

MES Maintenance, Support and Enhancement Services

MES Enhancements

MES Roll-Outs, Upgrades

Solution Highlights

Project Portfolio

70+ Projects Executed

Expertise Legacy

1000+ person years of MES experience

Global Delivery

Ability to deliver across all regions and across multiple countries/sites

Scale Handling

Capability to Handle Large Scale Engagements

Smart MES

Capability to deliver complete Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 solution with MES as the key pillar

Solution Benefits

Lead Time Reduction

Up to 15% Reduction in Lead Time

Cycle Time Improvement

Up to 10% Improvement in manufacturing cycle time

Productivity Boost

Up to 20% Improvement in shop floor labor productivity

Quality Enhancement

Up to 15% Improvement in product quality (reduction in defects)

Inventory Optimization

Up to 10% Reduction in WIP Inventory

Efficiency Boost

Up to 50% Reduction in data entry time

Industries We Serve

Aerospace & Defense

From design inception and MRO functions to IIOT and Digital Thread, our Aerospace and Defense (A&D) vertical provides solutions to global leaders in aviation, helping them achieve their strategic, technical, and business goals.



Tech Mahindra partners with automotive organizations and ecosystems in their digital transformation journey across the product-production-performance-experience value chain.


Paper & Pulp

Paper and pulp industry involves the production of paper and related products from wood fibers through processes such as pulping, refining, and papermaking.

Energy & utilities

We help leading energy and utility providers adopt analytical practices, find solutions to speed up nuisance resolutions in grids and help companies improve their market stay and performance.



Tech Mahindra enables healthcare providers and life science companies to evolve with changing regulations and growing demand for digitizing IT and operations. With our strategic and technological advantages, we can help leading organizations improve healthcare outcomes for patients worldwide.



We help our hi-tech clients navigate digital obstacles. With over two decades of experience, our dedicated team can assist in all sectors, including data and analytics, cloud platforms, computer-aided process engineering (CAPE), and more.


Oil & Gas

Our oil and gas practice has over 20 years of expertise serving oil, gas, and petrochemical leaders throughout the world, with revenue above $200 million. We leverage deep domain knowledge and expertise throughout the upstream, midstream, and downstream to address any complex business challenge.


Discrete Manufacturing

To enable digital capabilities on these lines, our Discrete manufacturing vertical is focused on: industrial IoT, AR/VR, AI and machine learning, cognitive analytics, blockchain, and digital twin technologies.



Our deep pharmaceutical domain expertise, historical R&D experience, outcome-based partnerships with global giants and diverse geographical outreach have enabled our clients to achieve seamless digital transformation


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