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Our EAM Services help our customers manage the complete lifecycle of their physical assets by providing a 360 degree view of the physical assets and infrastructure from design, to procurement, to commission, to operation, to maintenance, to disposal, and to replacement; i.e., throughout their entire lifecycle.

Optimizing Enterprise Asset Management

Asset Implementation

Our Enterprise Asset Management practice specializes in assisting organizations with the implementation of Enterprise Asset Management solutions. These solutions encompass physical asset maintenance, maintenance planning and scheduling, as well as preventive maintenance.

Asset Efficiency

The increasing investments in more complex assets underline the need for reduced downtime, necessitating precise failure prediction and maintenance planning. The digitized enterprise asset management industry presents a range of opportunities and challenges in this regard.

Asset Optimization

Organizations are recognizing the correlation between reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and asset reliability data, which positively impacts Return on Assets (RoA). As a major player and a reliable partner in Enterprise Asset Management systems, we offer a comprehensive solution with a team of dedicated experts, consultants, and extensive experience to address these evolving needs.

Our Services

Tech Mahindra has extensive expertise on IBM Maximo and IFS EAM solutions and has a close working relationship with the product vendors.

Our service offerings have evolved encompassing unique solutions, accelerators, Factory of future, and Integrated ERP.

Re-Engineering Consulting

Consulting and Re-Engineering

IoT Blockchain

IoT and Block Chain

Hosting Implement

Hosting and Implementation

Rollout Upgrades

Upgrades and Rollouts

Maintenance Service

Application Maintenance

Add-on Mobility

Mobility and Add-ons

Testing Automation

Automation Testing

Management Service

Total Knowledge Management

Solution Benefits

Effort Reduction

~40% Reduction in deployment efforts

Asset Efficiency

~25% More savings due to automation

Rapid Rollouts

2X Faster Rollouts

Deployment Efficiency

>400 Hours Saved in deployment efforts / site


Our extensive knowledge in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions coupled with strong technical knowledge and hands-on experience in the asset intensive domain has helped us to build digital offerings in the core business domain.

Multi-Vertical Impact

Dedicated team of Asset Management Consultants with 2000+ Persons Years of experience

Asset Efficiency

Delivering across 11 verticals, assisting transformation in more than 20 asset intensive organizations

Technology Collaboration

Close working relationship with 14+ leading vendors

Digital Solutions

Pioneer in delivering Cloud, Analytics & IoT

Thought Leader

We have co-authored articles on Trends in adoption of EAM solutions on Cloud

Industries we Serve

Consumer Goods

Tech Mahindra’s Retail & CPG team has years of experience and expertise of providing solutions to the retail and consumer clients globally. We have the privilege of supporting over 400 clients across the world.


Chemicals are substances with distinct properties that can undergo various reactions and interactions, playing crucial roles in fields such as industry, medicine, and everyday life.

Energy & Utilities

We help leading energy and utility providers adopt analytical practices, find solutions to speed up nuisance resolutions in grids and help companies improve their market stay and performance.

Food Processing

Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients into consumable products through various techniques, preserving, enhancing, and packaging food for distribution and consumption.


Tech Mahindra enables healthcare providers and life science companies to evolve with changing regulations and growing demand for digitizing IT and operations. With our strategic and technological advantages, we can help leading organizations improve healthcare outcomes for patients worldwide.


As an organization, we’re specially equipped to partner with world-class manufacturers based on our deep expertise in mechanical and engineering, sales and service processes, and hands-on factory floor operations.


Telecom, short for telecommunications, encompasses the transmission of voice, data, and multimedia over vast networks, enabling communication between individuals and devices across long distances.

Oil & Gas

Our oil and gas practice has over 20 years of expertise serving oil, gas, and petrochemical leaders throughout the world, with revenue above $200 million. We leverage deep domain knowledge and expertise throughout the upstream, midstream, and downstream to address any complex business challenge.


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