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Tech Mahindra’s Niche ERP Practice

Our niche ERP Services enable us to support both our large and mid-market customer organizations in the rollout and maintenance of niche ERP solutions, with our expertise across ERP's being a major factor in the customer organization's success. Today in many large organizations, niche ERP's coexist along with mainstream ERP's and cater to specific organizational requirements.

Elevating Business with Niche ERP Solutions

ERP Specialization

Our Niche ERP practice delivers a wide array of solutions and services, specializing in ERP products like IFS, Infor, NetSuite, QAD, and more.

ERP Agility

Tech Mahindra's Niche ERP Practice is uniquely positioned to meet the dynamic requirements of today's enterprises. In the ever-evolving business landscape, organizations are striving for excellence by adopting cutting-edge digital technologies. Consequently, there is a growing need for flexible and integrative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to support core business operations.

Supply Challenges

Tech Mahindra's niche ERP solutions are designed to address the intricate challenges of supply chain integration, collaborative workflows, standardized processes, e-business transformations, digital initiatives, and the establishment of heightened business transparency within the supply chain ecosystem.

Our Services

Tech Mahindra has extensive expertise on IFS, Infor, NetSuite, QAD, Decos, and others ERP solutions and has a close working relationship with the product vendors

ERP Services

ERP Transformation

ERP Consulting

Consulting for ERP selection.

Product Implementations

Global Template and roll-outs

Maintenance & Support

SLA based Application Support, Maintenance

Enhancements & Integrations

Application upgrade, Enhancements and Integrations Development

Cloud ERP

ERP migration to Cloud, SaaS based Cloud ERP offering


IOT integrations

Automation Innovation

Automation Solutions using RPA, SOA

Solution Highlights

Our Niche ERP’s practice has a dedicated team of ERP experts and consultants and the key highlights are:

ERP Practice

20+ years of dedicated ERP practice

Global ERP

50+ ERP implementations and Global roll-outs

Project Portfolio

100+ Project executions including Enhancements and Support

Long-Term Partnerships

10+ Clients engaged with for us for 12-15+ years

Cloud Mobility

ERP offerings on Cloud / Mobility

Certified Consultants

OEM certified consultants

Solution Benefits

User Adoption

Improvement in System adoption rate and User efficiency

TCO Reduction

Reduction in Overall TCO of ERP system

Customer Experience

Improved Customer experience

Resource Efficiency

Effective Utilization of available resources with real time planning

Inventory Optimization

Reduction in Inventory carrying cost using effective business rules

Industries we Serve

Aerospace & Defense

From design inception to MRO functions, and IIOT to Digital Thread, our aerospace and defense practice develops solutions for aviation industry leaders, assisting them in achieving their strategic, technological, and business goals.



Projects encompass a wide range of organized activities with defined goals, timelines, and resources, undertaken to achieve specific objectives or create desired outcomes.

Discreet Manufacturing

To enable digital capabilities on these lines, our Discrete manufacturing vertical is focused on: industrial IoT, AR/VR, AI and machine learning, cognitive analytics, blockchain, and digital twin technologies.


Oil & Gas

Our oil and gas practice has over 20 years of expertise serving oil, gas, and petrochemical leaders throughout the world, with revenue above $200 million. We leverage deep domain knowledge and expertise throughout the upstream, midstream, and downstream to address any complex business challenge.


Energy & Utilities

We help leading energy and utility providers adopt analytical practices, find solutions to speed up nuisance resolutions in grids and help companies improve their market stay and performance.


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