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Revolutionizing Metadata Management

InfoWise ® is Tech Mahindra’s solution for enterprise metadata 360 (augmented by AI) and RunOps transformation in digital spaces, providing a complete view of enterprise applications’ anatomy, their execution performance, and output consumption. It contains a variety of micro-services for metadata-driven governance, a significant cloud migration accelerator, and data management services for customers in any industry or vertical.

Infowise ® Use Cases

Expediting Data Modernization
  • Report/Dashboard rationalization
  • D and A application audit 
  • Cloud migration recommendation, i.e., Assets/Applications to migrate
Enabling Data Governance
  • Metadata catalog and search
  • Data lineage and impact analysis
  • Business glossary
  • Technical traceability
  • Data stewardship
  • Active metadata
Optimizing D&A Support OPS
  • Central monitoring of ETL Routines 
  • Real-time alerting of process failures 
  • Automated ticket creation, assignment, and closure 
  • Automated resolution using RPA or API
Data Observability
  • Real-time alerts/notifications of changes in data assets
  • Unified and central monitoring of heterogenous tools

Value Realization

Expediting Data Modernization
  • 40 to 50% effort reduction in actual report migration
  • 30 to 40% unused assets removal and improves efficiency in data processing
Enabling Data Governance
  • 40 to 60% of time-saving in Data Analysis using knowledge graph
  • Reduce the impact assessment cycle time by 50%
  • Cost of re-engineering minimally will be brought down by 60%
Optimizing D&A Support OPS
  • AMS support cost reduction by 30-40%
  • RCA time reduction by 50%
  • Improve quality of support by 50 to 70%
Data Observability
  • Continuous improvement in support automation
  • Improve the efficiency by ~30% through data-driven automation

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