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Coud Data Migration Accelerator

Sprinter, a cutting-edge cloud migration accelerator, significantly speeds up the process of moving data to the cloud, slashing efforts by up to 40%. It supports the entire migration journey with comprehensive automation, including advanced features for efficient Search and Discovery, precise Capacity and Cost Estimation, seamless Schema and SQL Migration, as well as thorough Data Migration and Validation.

Sprinter Features

Search and Discovery

Discovering database and its usage.

Capacity and Cost Estimation

Analyze and compare costs of cloud database infrastructure.

Schema Migration

Auto-convert source schema into the target schema.

SQL Migration

Automated SQLs, scripts, and procedures conversion into target database (native standard).

Data Migration and Validation

Historical and incremental data migration and data validation.

Monitoring and Tracking

Monitor and track database usages, auditing users, queries performance, and cost analysis.

Value Realization
  • Fast track overall SQL migration initiative with a reduction in time by ~40%
  • Reduce the cost of re-engineering the SQL scripts by more than 60% 

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