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Introduction to UDMF

TechM’s IP Unified Data Management Framework (UDMF ©) is our comprehensive Data Quality Management and Data Migration Accelerator for on-prem, cloud, and legacy data.

  • Over 50% automation and manual effort reductions enabled by in-house built reusable libraries.
  • Industrialized approach that enables quicker ROI with 20 to 30% cost savings.

Our Services

Data Management

UDMF operates based on the 4 R’s of data management that take out all the uncertainties accompanying complex data management: Reusability, Repeatability, Reliability, and Reconciliation.

Data Migration

UDMF comprises dozens of pre-built connectors to most widely-used applications, databases and data storage technologies universally, all to ensure seamless data migration.

Data Quality Management

UDMF’s end-to-end data quality approach enables data profiling and extensive analyses with configurable business rules, exception reports, scorecards, and data quality metrics.

Value Realization

Data Migration

  • Cost savings by using UDMF and Open Source ETL Tools.
  • Shorter Project Lifecycle and better predictability.
  • One Touch Adaptors to automate the loading process.

Data Quality Management

  • Non-monetary benefits include better efficiency, productivity, and resource management. 
  • ZERO lock-in period with minimal impact on Customer Experience.

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