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We strive to achieve more and help you build your business better. We’re humbled by the kind words from some of the best in the industry.

Mr. Mangaliso Sethethi

GM (Business Unit Leeuwpan)

Experience how Tech Mahindra, Huawei are helping Exxaro Resources in their digital disruption journey through the e-LTE solution rolled out in record time of 5 Months.

Watch Mr. Mangaliso Sethethi– GM at Exxaro sharing the benefits of 200-300% increase in network connectivity, 50% increase in fleet management productivity and 30%cost reductions.

  • Gary Steen, CTO

    Gary Steen, CTO erstwhile, now MD - Technology, Change & Security at TalkTalk, on his visit to the inauguration of Tech Mahindra’s facility at Greater Manchester, talks about how Tech Mahindra provides unique capability and strong knowledge base to help develop next generation products for the B2B market.

  • Mark McLaughlin, Senior Director, Business Development
    Box Inc

    Tech Mahindra creates a trust factor with its customer and that is the company’s biggest strength.

  • Michael Schrage, Research Fellow

    Tech Mahindra is an unusual company committed to unconventional thinking wanting to be a real partner.

  • Paul Keltjens, IT Director

    The biggest positive about Tech Mahindra is that they are passionate and like to go that extra mile to complete their work.

  • Mon Lizardo, Head of Social Listening, DMD

    What we have sought from Tech Mahindra is what we see from Tech Mahindra. Their work with us is a big driver for us to be able to understand our audience. If you are partnering with Tech Mahindra, you are in good hands.

  • ​​Randeep Sekhon, CEO
    PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia (H3I)

    In the testimonial Randeep speaks about our Managed Services and IT Development engagement. He is appreciative of the flexible engagement model and recommends Tech Mahindra explicitly.

  • ​​Benoit Hanssen, CTO
    Vodafone Hutchison Australia

    Vodafone and Tech Mahindra have maintained a terrific engagement and genuine relationship, through Tech Mahindra's rapidly transitioning Managed services.

  • ​​Bouke Hoving, CSO

    Transformation and Simplification…connected. Hear from Bouke Hoving, Chief Simplification Officer at KPN how TechM radically redesign to deliver higher Customer Satisfaction and savings

  • ​​Dr. Donald Patrick Lim, Chief Digital Officer

    Best things about working with Tech Mahindra is that in terms of challenges, they are just a call way and fix problems immeidately. They are at the leading edge of technology.​​​​

  • Erik Hoving, CTO
    KPN Group

    We wanted to get someone who could partner with us and challenge the world. Tech Mahindra was the most entrepreneurial of all.

  • Eric Giguere, General Manager

    Connecting ourselves to today’s virtual world with access to resources is what we are working towards with Tech Mahindra.

  • ​​Ahmed Abdulsamad Al Hammadi, CIO
    Abu Dhabi Municipality

    Ahmed Abdulsamad Al Hammadi, CIO – Abu Dhabi Municipality, Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, UAE, speaks about how Tech Mahindra’s Blockchain solution enabled Digital Transformation of Land Registry using SmartHub Application. The solution will enhance citizen services by increasing transparency and traceability of records, security, and ensuring easy archival of data.​​

  • Gopi Chelliah, COO
    Premium Credit Limited

    We’re working with Tech Mahindra on both applications and how we deploy the connected solutions to our clients.

  • Blandine Vissotsky, Senior Manager

    Tech Mahindra is a very flexible and trustworthy organisation.

  • Ray Hammond, Futurologist
    Futurist and author

    The world will seem to come alive with data in the near future as everything will be connected.​

  • Glen Babichuk, Manager

    Our alliance with Tech Mahindra has been very fruitful. The company’s understanding ability to stick with the engagement is a major plus point.​

  • Glenn Dasmalchi, Enterprise CTO
    Juniper Networks

    Our relationship with Tech Mahindra brings us the solution capabilities that make us relevant to our customers.​

  • GMats Hutlin, Chief Information Officer
    SAAB Group

    I think Tech Mahindra has really shown their capabilities with a lot of ideas, innovation power and much flexibility in supporting us in a quick and flexible way​

  • ​​Benoit Hanssen, CTO
    Vodafone Hutchison Australia

    Tech Mahindra's Dynamic Infrastructure Management for Data Centre Services satisfies business need.​ ​​

  • ​​Customer Testimonial
    Navistar International Corporation

    Navistar Leadership speaks about how our partnership is driving the NXT in Product Design & Development, Vehicle Engineering, IoT & Connected Fleet Management. ​​

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