Retail and Consumer Goods
Deliver sustainable customer experiences to augment customer journeys at every step of the Value Chain
Resilient Supply Chain
Supply Chain Technology Study 2021

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In Midst of A Perfect Storm

These are unprecedented times forcing the industry to reimagine and reinvent itself. There are new touch points on the millennial consumer’s path to purchase and the lines between Retail and Consumer Goods companies blurring fast.

TechMahindra endeavors to help its clients deliver ‘sustainable experiences’ amplifying loyalty into ‘lifetime value’.

TechMahindra’s Retail Big Bets
Store Re-imagination with focus on experiential retail, automated operations, real time analytics for deeper customer engagement.
Digital Operations Management is automation driven digital platform for managing content–to-commerce.
Intelligent supply chain with focus on visibility, condition monitoring, track & trace and analytics
Factories of the future connecting people, processes, material and plant through a seamless information super-highway
Personalized PHYGITAL Experiences through products, devices and services

Who We Serve

  • Segments
  • Service offerings
  • Fashion & Apparel

    Sustainable Solutions powering Fast-Fashion Brands to deliver unparalleled value across complete Fiber-to-Fashion Lifecycle

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  • Food & Grocery

    Smart Technology Solutions driving Zero-Wastewhilst enabling seamless farm–to-fork lifecycle and convenience for shoppers

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  • Specialty Retail

    Digital Solutions that help the high street Retailers to drive hyper Personalization strategies

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  • Beauty and Personal Care

    Bringing Value to Life through solutions that are sustainable, inclusive and innovative

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  • Store Re-Imagination

    Solutions that help generate footfall, optimize resources & operations to help save cost

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  • Digital Operations Management

    Solutions to manage end-to-end website by combining AI Driven automation & operations

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  • Supply Chain Visibility & Analytics

    Solutions to improve & strengthen the supply chain by making data readily available to all stakeholders, including the customer

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  • Factory of the Future

    Industry 4.0 solutions to improve productivity, visibility & efficiency for consumer goods manufacturing

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  • Products, Devices and Equipment

    Solution Offerings around Products, Devices & Equipment that come in direct contact with the End-Consumer

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Our Collaboration Eco-System

At TechMahindra, we understand that no single company can deliver holistic services to a client in isolation while ensuring they stay relevant. The market dynamics are ever-changing and a strong collaboration eco-system serves as the core pillar for resilient foundation.

Staying true to TechMahindra’s Retail & CPG vertical’s #NewAgeDelivery approach, our partner strategy is focused on digital transformations solutions, cloud solutions, artificial intelligence and building connected systems. We have three segments of partners:

Alliances with large OEMs and established partners
TechMahindra Portfolio firms
TechMNxT Partners- The New Age Tech Partners with distinguished technology offerings

Our Partner Eco-system helps create unparalleled lifetime value to our clients that offer mutual business growth opportunities, expand geographic reach, expedite sales process, executive commitment and thought leadership around New Age technologies.

Leading the Way

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Emerging Technologies in Retail Industry

Driving Personalization in Retail and CPG Industry

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Retail Market Outlook

COVID-19 - A Paradigm Shift in Shopper Preferences

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Unified Omnichannel Retailing: Still a Distant Thought?

Omnichannel adoption is a gradual journey from silos to multichannel with full integration to achieve optimal customer experience

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The rise of consumer wearables

Covid-19 has brought dramatic change in how people monitor and track their health

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Conversational Commerce on Instant Messaging Apps

Instant messaging apps providing a great opportunity for brands to connect intimately with consumers

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Supply Chain Traceability

Digitize your supply chains to establish Traceability & Emhancefood safety, security & sustainability

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The Yin & Yang Moment For Ecommerce

Covid-19 effect on Online shopping behavior and changes to ecommerce landscape.

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Expediting New Product Introductions Through Innovation Platform In New Normal Era

In the wake of Covid -19, the consumer goods companies are relooking at the demand forecasting & inventory optimization.

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Phygital Supply Chain

A New Vaccine Post Covid-19 for Consumer Goods Industry

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Supply Chain Analytics Dashboard

For Global Food Major

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Digital Transformation – Supply Chain

For a Leading UK Apparel Retailer

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Omni Channel Customer Experience Transformation

For India’s largest e-Commerce and Online Retailer

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How Experiential loyalty Enhances Customer Advocacy

Experiential loyalty programs should offers unique rewards to make customers feel important.

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Meet Our Leaders

  • Sandeep Sharma
    Global Head - Retail and CPG
  • Sanjeev Sherry
    Global Practice Head – CPG

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