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We at Tech Mahindra have been helping our clients navigate this challenge for more than two decades.

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  • Core Data Management
  • Data Modernisation
  • Value Realisation

  • Data Advisory
    (Audit, Strategy, Roadmap)

    Collaborating to define the data strategy for your enterprise and helping you by providing as-is assessment and methodology.

  • Data Management
    (Data Governance, Data Catalog, Data Quality, Meta Data Management, Master Data Management)

    Manage data securely through data consultancy, acquisition, governance, master data management and metadata management.

  • Data Migration
    (On-Prem, Cloud, Multi-Cloud)

    Responding to your needs for selection, preparation and transformation of data of the right quality to the right target at the right time.

  • Data Operations
    (DataOps and Data Observability)

    Our framework for operationalising DataOps covers end to end lifecycle phases, viz., including consult, organise, build, and operate.

  • Data Platform Architecture and Build
    (EDW, Big Data on Cloud, Data Lake, Delta Lake, Lakehouse)

    Create a centralised data platform that enables self-service data analysis and helps gain immediate access to the data cloud and scale up quickly.

  • Modern Data Integration and Availability
    (ETL, Data Fabric, Data Mesh, Data Virtualization, Data Composability, Streaming Data)

    Assessing varying needs for data availability and visualisation through proven frameworks to recommend solutions with modern methodologies and tools.

  • Data Monetization

    Through years of research and experience in data marketplaces, we help you identify and monetise assets while adhering to the prevailing guidelines.

  • Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

    Visualise the value and insights from the enterprise data and analyse organisational KPIs through various advanced visualisation tools.

Across Industries

Communications, Media & Entertainment

With 20+ years of experience, unlocking the potential of data with our IP led solutions: Data-on-Cloud, Data Modernisation, Revenue Assurance, etc.

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More than a 100 satisfied customers are testament to our business value-driven approach with solutions for retail banking, asset and regulatory risk management, and more.

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We enable data-led transformation, building resilient supply chains, ensuring seamless analytics and data transparency across the production value chain

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Healthcare & Lifesciences

With over 20 years of domain experience and deep technology expertise, we provide effective HCP engagement, wellness analytics and patient risk stratification

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With near real-time intelligence, we help optimise the business, right from procurement and vendor management to superlative omnichannel customer experience

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Travel, Transportation & Logistics

With timely, data-driven insights, predictions and prescriptions, we focus on what is important i.e. delivering shipments and experience to your customers

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Solution Themes

Data and Analytics Capability Using AWS

Enabling modernization & transformation of customer data platforms with Tech Mahindra & AWS’s Data and Analytics IPs, accelerators, and services.

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Data-Driven Organization

We help our clients enable the same with an approach that ranges from Consulting to Execution and encompasses all aspects of data.

X360 Everything

From customer to suppliers, employees, products and assets, we help power these 360 views with solutions that are robust and scalable.

Data and Analytics Platform Modernization on Cloud

We provide end to end offering for Data modernisation on cloud through a collection of our in-house IPs, Partner solutions and best practices.

Golden Data for Golden Insights

We help customers to build a reliable base of data assets that can drive enterprise-wide intelligence and insights.

Architecting Data for Availability

Data Visibility is a pre-requisite for engineering Data Availability using frameworks such as data fabric, mesh, or a virtualisation architecture.

Data Monetisation

We help organizations identify and monetise data assets while adhering to the prevailing regulatory and privacy guidelines.

IPs & Platforms to Accelerate Data Journey


Accelerate data migration to cloud through automation and best practices, which helps an organisation to reduce 40% of migration efforts

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Disruptive intelligence platform to monitor analytics resource consumption, maximise efficiency by 20-30% and save time in data analysis by 40-60%

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By enabling data acceleration that can be implanted on any database, iDecisions helps an organisation to save in time, efforts and cost by 35-40%.

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Unified data management framework for data migration, data quality management and for implementing it as a revenue and margin assurance framework.

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Supply Chain Analytics

Addresses key challenges in the SCM value chains and adapts the Kanban methodology framework for implementing agile and DevOps software.

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Smart Analytics GCP Lab

GCP lab aims to empower enterprises to accelerate their data cloud journeys as they move towards a digital-first future

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ISG Provider Lens™
2021, US

Tech Mahindra is Positioned as Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ “Analytics Services 2021”, US

Leading the Way

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Redshift Deep Dive

Redshift Deep Dive to Accredit a Well Architected Framework

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Data Fabric or Data Mesh?

Find the right data management strategy for your organization

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Masterplan to optimize your Data Migration Journey to the Cloud

Addressing the importance & need for the right Data Migration Strategy

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Modern Data Platform for Consumer Goods Businesses

Key trends on how CPG businesses can leverage data analytics for growth

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Data and AI shields for the battle of “new normal”

Enabling Analytics-led Business Continuity for Manufacturing Industries

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Master Data Management for CSPs

MDM strategy for the business-driven Communication Service Providers

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Data Migration to Cloud Strategy

On-premise based data warehouse migration to cloud - a complete business transformation journey.

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Cloud Migration

Is it Lipstick on a Pig Or Biting the Bullet for Past Sins?

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User Adoption New-Normal

A Digital Decoding Through “Governance” Lens

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Enterprise Metadata Management

How can telcos effectively manage and benefit from Metadata

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Deep Learning Continues to Be the Hottest Technology

With the growing adoption of Deep Learning, it’s vital to understand the framework

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Analytical Model Version Control

The article discusses on addressing the increasing need for analytical model version control.

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Data Lakehouse with Cloudera

Enjoy the benefits of a data lake and a data warehouse at lower TCO

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The Analytical CIO

Curtail Technical Debt and Champion Earnings Growth

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Data Lakehouse

Unify all your data, analytics and AI workloads

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Active Intelligence

Turn Raw Data into Informed Action

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Data Virtualization

Accelerating the Journey to an Intelligent Enterprise with Insightful and Timely Decisions

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Data Driven Digital Transformation

Migrate and Manage your data in a flexible and secure manner with MongoDB

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Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Cloud native Data Transformation journey with Informatica

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Master Data Management

Rethinking MDM with Cloud Native Containerized Solutions with Profisee

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Data Transformation

Data Driven Transformation in Telecommunications with Cloudera

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Data Intelligence

Creating the NXT of Data Intelligence in BFSI with Quest

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Data Modernization

Enabling The Next Generation Of Data Modernization In Cloud with Snowflake

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Pervasive Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management System for efficient point-of-vulnerabilities management

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Warranty 360 - Powered by AI

An accelerator available in IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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Customer 360

Process Driven Data Governance Enabling for a Large Asian Bank

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BI Transformation

Centralized BI Transformation to Cloud & Self-Service

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Unified Data Governance

Data Quality Management & Governance for a UK Telco Major

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Big Data Analytics

Single Source of Truth with Big Data Analytics leveraging cloud

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Market Mix Modeling

Tech Mahindra's Market Mix Modeling for a leading UK based Drug Manufacturer

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BI Implementation

Tech Mahindra's BI Implementation for a Healthcare Giant

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Clinical Data Analytics

Tech Mahindra's Clinical Data Analytics for Japanese Major

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ELT Process with Snowflake

Preview into the Extract, Load, Transform Process using Snowflake Stored Procedure and Task

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