Transform Digitally

Our DigitALL philosophy focuses on transforming clients’ businesses across Products & Services, Business Models, and Reimagined Business Processes; leading to new Revenue Opportunities, Enhanced Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, Reduced Risk, and a better Society.

We believe digital is all about crafting the right experience for our client’s customers. Design plays a critical role in this. At TechM, we bring the right blend of physical and digital design, powered by technology.

Our DigitALL Services

Strategy and Design

Defining digital strategy in the context of the client’s business strategy and market trends. Designing new business and organizational models to make this a reality.

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Digital Customer

Helping clients engage better with their customers across the customer lifecycle. Enabling the right experience, integrated with the right technology.

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Intelligent Operation

Using digital to improve the efficiency of clients’ business and technology functions.

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Future Enterprise

Helping clients experiment with new technologies and determining how to use them to create their future enterprise.

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Digital Insights

Powering DigitALL by harnessing the potential of data, analytics, and cognitive technologies to derive actionable and impactful insights.

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Digital Foundation

Creating a robust, secure, and future-proof digital foundation for the enterprise by adopting the right platforms, frameworks, and methodology.

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Case Examples

  • Strategy and Design
  • Digital Customer
  • Digital Foundation
Leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles

Industry 4.0 maturity assessment with business case for $100+ Million USD of benefit realization

US Freight & Logistics Company

Digital strategy for 4x growth

Leading telco in Nordics

Strategic advisory and business case definition for B2B transformation

Global Food & Beverage Company

Enable roll out of initiatives worth $100M, across PoS and equipment network

Large bank in North America

Frictionless Mortgage Experience enabling completion of application process within 30 min

Leading mobile operator in Europe

40+ point increase in NPS & Omnichannel Experience Design

USA’s largest non-profit health organization

27% quit rate delivered for a smoking cessation program

Large Laminate Company

Create a one-brand experience and relaunch enabled with online digital store in 60 days

Global manufacturer of industrial motors

Reduced replacement time for rock crusher motors from 3 days to 4 hours

Leading Consumer appliance manufacturer

Savings of millions of dollars with real time, energy efficient monitoring of 30,000+ assets

Telecom company in North America

$150-$200M savings from DII reduction, inventory leakage prevention & optimized operations

North American aircraft manufacturer

25% improvement, each, in aircraft dispatch reliability & aircraft availability

Greenfield automotive manufacturer in APAC

Enabled Factory of Future architecture. Reduced CAPEX by 15% through plant simulation

Large telco in the UK

End-to-end video messaging application secured by Quantum Key Distribution

Japanese conglomerate

Roll-out of one of the first cloud native 5G labs in the world

Disruptive telecom provider in Asia

Curbed unsolicited commercial communication for subscribers using Blockchain

US Insurance company

Established a new channel for interaction through voice for users to get product info

North American manufacturing company

15% reduction in errors with AR solution, using visual instructions for maintenance

US Headquartered Aircraft Manufacturer

AI based knowledge discovery and vendor identification within few seconds

Global pharma company

Approx 10% increase in sales & enhanced sales rep experience with decision support system

Leading life insurer in North America

Re-activated 70% of the dormant accounts using analytics, with outcome based business model

Leading telco in ANZ region

Predictive analytics for avoidance of truck rolls using AI, enabling savings of $10M a year

US based Oil & Gas Major

Enabled quicker evacuation of 900+ personnel in 1 day in hurricane scenario, using analytics

Large bank in North America

Reduced TTM from 12 weeks to 2 weeks with Distributed Agile & DevOps

Large telecom provider in North America

30–40% reduction in time to market, using Tech Mahindra’s Blue Marble Microservices platform

European Shipping Major

Digital Enterprise architecture blueprinting for a European Shipping major

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