DigitALL – Philosophy of comprehensive Business Transformation

The choice is obvious when organizations are asked to pick one between transformation or disruption. But the journey to transform isn’t as obvious! Successful Digital Transformations include ALL the stakeholder needs, possibilities and organizational goals across multiple business layers [Product / Service, Business Model, Business Process].

Digital technologies catalyse the transformations – they humanize businesses by helping them THINK, SENSE, CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, SECURE and ACT better than before.

All these put the organization on the track of digital evolution with defined and continuous value creation [Improved revenue, increased efficiency, reduced risk, enhanced customer experience and greater contribution to society].

Digitally evolving, “Conscious Enterprises” build unique characteristics to stay relevant- They are

Purpose-driven, technology-enabled business.
Providers of simple, trustworthy and sustainable brand experiences
Encouraging the culture of experimentation and value orchestration.
Focusing on hyper-collaboration between humans, and human and machines.
Higher-order learning-organizations using data and cognitive capabilities.

Explore below capabilities to learn how we help our clients evolve into the Nxt Now.

Our DigitALL Services

Strategy and Design

Defining digital strategy in the context of the client’s business strategy and market trends. Designing new business and organizational models to make this a reality.

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Digital Customer

Helping clients engage better with their customers across the customer lifecycle. Enabling the right experience, integrated with the right technology.

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Intelligent Operation

Using digital to improve the efficiency of clients’ business and technology functions.

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Future Enterprise

Helping clients experiment with new technologies and determining how to use them to create their future enterprise.

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Digital Insights

Powering DigitALL by harnessing the potential of data, analytics, and cognitive technologies to derive actionable and impactful insights.

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Digital Foundation

Creating a robust, secure, and future-proof digital foundation for the enterprise by adopting the right platforms, frameworks, and methodology.

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Case Examples

  • Strategy and Design
  • Digital Customer
  • Digital Foundation

Digital and IT Strategy Roadmap for an Upcoming Middle Eastern Smart City

Smart city implementation with amplified customer experience using intelligent, optimized, and responsive infrastructure

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Canadian energy company realizes value with business-centric approach to automation

Business-IT alignment, RoI-led opportunity prioritization saves more than $3M in first year itself

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US Logistics company looks at digitally enabled new line of business

Digital strategy roadmap for 4x growth, with execution and change management

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US based heavy-duty truck manufacturer embarks on Industry 4.0 transformation

Industry 4.0 strategy roadmap with a business case of $200M enables confident start to Industry 4.0 transformation

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Global auto company adopts structured approach to digital investment management

Business-driven 5-year digital roadmap for the client’s aftermarket business

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Global bank in Asia unleashes new revenue streams

Value chain-driven, customer centric catalogue of 100+ APIs

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Leading telco in Nordics

Strategic advisory and business case definition for B2B transformation

Global Food & Beverage Company

Enable roll out of initiatives worth $100M, across PoS and equipment network

Creating Digital Marketplace for a Leading Telco in Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Reduced time to market and improved overall CX leveraging hyperscaler technologies and industry-leading solutions

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American Football Franchise Automates Fan Engagement with a Single Source of Truth

Automated marketing solutions enabled better fan engagement boosting ticket sales and increasing revenue.

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Next gen contact center framework for a Canadian retailer increases 19 NPS points

Process mining CoE enables customer experience transformation with improved efficiency.

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Leading Canadian Bank Leverages Data Driven Transformation Achieving Seamless CX

Data driven approach enabled one voice from the bank to its 12 million Canadian banking customers

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NA based Telco Enhances Customer Experience with Unified Product Catalogue

Omnichannel sales platform enabled integrated sales and consolidated the customer view in the sales experience

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Releasing Predictable and Reliable Social VR Application for A Global Internet Service Provider

Ensuring quality, industry- leading speed of release and best in class ‘launch critical bugs’ identification with 70% + fix rate

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Leading Cricket Board Boosts Fan Engagement with Digital Experience

Leveraging websites and mobile apps to establish direct connection with board and fans resulting in more than 1M app downloads

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Enabling Patient Centric Clinical Experience for a Swiss Multinational Healthcare Company

Unified cloud-based clinical platform improves patient engagement and reduces operating costs by 15%.

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Tyre-as-a service offering enhances CX for a Global tyre manufacturer

An integrated solution to capture unique identified of the tyres and offer subscription-based services to consumers.

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US-based Marketing Company unlocks EBITDA Savings with Improved Customer Experience

Full CX transformation with roadmap, workforce solution, and technology integration reduces agent attrition rate by 12%

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Australian superannuation service provider improves customer engagement by 20%

Real-time customer journeys with customized NBO engine across channels to boost customer experience

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Korean Car Manufacturer Increases Revenue by Launching Connected Car Services

25% increase in sales through improved brand perception and connected car services

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Global Beverage Company Improves Sales with Intelligent Loyalty and Rewards Platform

Connected with 1.2m unique customers for the brand to achieve sales target 30% faster

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Energy technology company in the US optimizes its martech stack for higher RoI

Improved data quality and B2B personalization improves conversions by 30%

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Swiss telco transforms CX and marketing effectiveness

Transformation across technology, data and experience layers improves conversions by 4x

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Leading telco in the UK adopts CX-led digital transformation

Holistic transformation delivers uplift of NPS by 30% after launching just one of the new products

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Global publishing company enhances business performance with employee-centric experience

Design-led intervention enables 60% better efficiency and 1.5x more revenues

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Leading Canadian bank provides frictionless home ownership experience to customers

A fully-digital mortgage experience allows customers to borrow up to $2m in just 30 min

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Global laminate manufacturer unifies commerce experience across 12 brands

CX stack with hybrid integration improves B2B orders by 50%

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Indian auto major enhances brand visibility and CX for premium segment

Physical-Digital experience design contributes to better customer engagement and higher sales

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Leading mobile operator in Europe

40+ point increase in NPS & Omnichannel Experience Design

USA’s largest non-profit health organization

27% quit rate delivered for a smoking cessation program

Enabling Automated, Smarter Drug Discovery Process for an American Biotech Company

Unified request management and fulfillment platform enabled 50% better collaboration and reduced the turnaround time.

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Canadian Energy Company Realizes Value with Business-Centric Approach to Automation

ROI- driven approach to automation and business-IT alignment saves millions of CAD $

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Rollout for a Leading Middle Eastern Utility Company

Rollout of 250,000 electric smart meters increased operational efficiency and provided enhanced visualization of the distribution

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Accelerating Nationwide Fiber Rollout for a Leading Telco in the UK

Future-ready, next-gen agile OSS enables lower operational costs and achieve fiber rollout targets

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ML based demand forecasting enhances inventory control for a Japanese auto major

Real-time visibility of inventory flow improves accuracy of forecasting of the parts to 90%.

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Commercial Flight Manufacturer enable cost saving with aircraft health monitoring system

Real-time performance monitoring improves Aircraft operational efficiencies and enable better decision making

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Development of Enterprise Hybrid Blockchain Platform for a South Korean tech Company

Enhanced hybrid blockchain Platform accelerates and increases transaction committed to 20,000 per second

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Process mining in supply chain operations to improve operational efficiency

North American chemicals and plastics distributor enabled 100% visibility into real time processes improving productivity by 20%

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North America based building material manufacturer enables better decision making in operations

Real-time process monitoring in operations improves process flow by 75% ensuring better quality

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European Telco Uses Artificial Intelligence to Automate Network Operations

Advanced analytics and AI enabled self-healing with 90% accuracy to detect faults

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US Beverage Company Digitalizes Dispenser Equipment to Maintain Quality Uniformity

IoT based solution for real-time monitoring for quality, sales, and equipment health

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Leading telco in UK saves $1.5M of operational expenses leveraging process mining

Consultative and tool driven approach optimize customer service processes

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Japanese bank reduces credit and lending process cycle time to less than 24 hours

Man-machine collaboration enabled by robot service orchestration ensures seamless operations

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A leading European aviation facility improves efficiency of machining process

Condition-based monitoring reduces robot maintenance cost by an estimated 50%

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Global pharma company in the US improves indoor tracking effciency of pharma samples

BLE-based solution enables more than $100,000 savings per lab per year

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Global CPG's Automation CoE engages with business functions effectively

Intelligent Automation at scale delivers an annual savings of $4.2m across the globe

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Leading US telco prevents inventory problems from burning a hole in the balance sheet

Consulting-led solution enables savings of $150 -$200M from Days In Inventory reduction.

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Leading African mining company addresses trapped value in operations and innovation

Pit network of the future boosts network coverage by 30% and productivity by 50%

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North American aircraft manufacturer

25% improvement, each, in aircraft dispatch reliability & aircraft availability

Middle Eastern Telco Explores the Potential of Private 5G Network and Edge Computing

Demonstrated use cases enabling wider opportunity to replicate in industry segments like healthcare, mining, and manufacturing

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Open RAN technology for an African telco operator reduces carbon footprint

Deployment of Open RAN involves in reduction of power consumption and associated carbon emissions.

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Digital Supply Chain Transformation for Global Auto OEM to Improve Operational Efficiencies

Real-time tracking, higher inventory visibility, and 100% invoice duplication elimination with TechM’s blockchain solution

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A Leading Bank in India Delivers Next-Gen Customer Experience with Metaverse

First bank in India to enter the metaverse and position as digital innovator

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Indian Auto Major Creates One of the Largest NFT Marketplaces in the Automotive Sector

Enabling the true value realization of ‘digital asset’ as an item of intrinsic value, outside of existing distribution

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A Dutch Publishing Company Saves 14000+ Clinical Hours with Digital Content Process

Using human centric approach in design thinking, the product backlog created provides actionable insights to customers

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Indian auto major adopts 5G network to support enterprise-wide digital transformation

Private 5G network enabled solution in the manufacturing process improve quality defect detection by 87%

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Live Moderation of Metaverse for a Global Technology Company

Efficient monitoring and prompt action on unruly users for improved user experience in the metaverse

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ANZ based telco giant reduces operating costs by automating processes with RPA

Automated digital workforce to drive business efficiencies, increase people engagement, and improve CX

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German telco explores zero touch provisioning of 5G network slicing

An end-to-end solution leveraging Tech Mahindra's accelerators that enables more than 50% faster solution realization

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European Aircraft Builder Improves Production Efficiency with IoT Enabled Smart Tools

IoT enabled performance data tracking in real-time with smart tools integration

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Intelligence at edge helps American medical equipment manufacturer to detect assembly faults

AI edge solution enables low lag time, low power consumption and 90% prediction accuracy

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Middle Eastern city municipality uses block chain solution for 100% automated land registry process

Hyper ledger fabric ensures privacy and security of data delivering citizen- first experiences

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A large Indian bank leverages award winning solution for automotive finance

Blockchain solution enables 100% prevention of fraudulent sale reporting by the dealers

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American pharma company mitigates risk of non-compliance in its enterprise social media

Sentiment analysis and deep learning models enable intelligent moderation of posts

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Leading Japanese telco challenges the status quo of telco business

The world's first telco network on cloud enables 30% faster time-to-market and 50% higher cost efficiency

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Disruptive telco in India curbs unsolicited commercial communication

Blockchain-based solution enables 100% verified communication across 300M subscribers

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European retailer cuts cost and time to update ecommerce content

NLG helps reduce cost of operations by 50-60% and turnaround time by 60-70%

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Large telco in the UK

End-to-end video messaging application secured by Quantum Key Distribution

US Insurance company

Established a new channel for interaction through voice for users to get product info

US Headquartered Aircraft Manufacturer

AI based knowledge discovery and vendor identification within few seconds

Delivering Geospatial Intelligence Platform for an Australian Energy Company

Platform enabled better visibility and improved operations of their network, using remote sensing and advanced analytics

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Middle Eastern Telco Improves Operator's Churn Rates by 30% Using AI/ML Models

Upgraded CVM generates personalized campaigns and enable real-time contextual offers to customers

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Leading telecom in UK improves business responsiveness towards its customer

Next gen analytics framework enables customer and network insights in near real-time

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US financial services firm enables data driven decision making leveraging design led data visualization

Data processed and presented at 12000 hits/hour boosts command centre effectiveness

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Leading industrial motor manufacturer builds a new revenue stream with predictive monitoring

IoT analytics decreases Mean Time Between Failures by 25%

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Global pharma in the UK boosts B2B sales engagement

Machine learning-based commercial offers to pharmacies improves sales by ~10%

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Global consumer good company in Europe improves speed and accuracy for financial fraud detection

Cognitive solution with 90% accuracy brings down time to detect from days to minutes

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Leading telco in ANZ region

Predictive analytics for avoidance of truck rolls using AI, enabling savings of $10M a year

US based Oil & Gas Major

Enabled quicker evacuation of 900+ personnel in 1 day in hurricane scenario, using analytics

TechM’s Accelerators Enable Cloud Transformation for a Global Insurance Company

Enabling cloud transformation increases velocity in data migration and enables cost savings

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Canadian media conglomerate improves end-to-end enterprise network efficiency by 40%

Cloud-based digital transformation orchestrates value across ecosystem with security vulnerability detection rate of 95%.

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Enabled Cloud-Based Digital Transformation for a Large American Retail Chain

Implementing a multi-cloud architecture enhances business efficiency and results in a 75% improvement in delivery speed

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NZ based Automobile Insurance Company implements SaaS-based Insurance Systems Suite

Cloud-based, future-ready insurance system enhances client service and future growth aspirations

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Leading Dutch telco leverages citizen development in network operations

Process re-imagination & no-code development aid 70% faster rollout of network outage management software

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North American banks achieve greater business agility with new age software delivery

Adopting NXT DevOps methodology for 26% higher delivery efficiency

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Global European pharma major overcomes low medication adherence challenge

Patient engagement with platform and operations enhances medication adherence by 50%

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Construction material manufacturer in ANZ becomes self-reliant with IoT platform

20% reduction in TCO and higher control on data, compared to OPEX model

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Large bank in North America

Reduced TTM from 12 weeks to 2 weeks with Distributed Agile & DevOps

Large telecom provider in North America

30–40% reduction in time to market, using Tech Mahindra’s Blue Marble Microservices platform

European Shipping Major

Digital Enterprise architecture blueprinting for a European Shipping major

Leading the Way

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Gen AI's potential in manufacturing extends far beyond, revolutionizing everything from process design to growth strategies

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Mastery of supply chain finance helps in effective SCM enabling cost optimization, risk management, and supplier relationships.

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Enabling Autonomous Supply Chain Management: Best Practices for Success

By embracing digital transformation, businesses enable autonomous SCM and gains a competitive edge

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Enhancing Nth Tier Visibility in Supply Chain Management: Unlocking Hidden Potential

Nth tier visibility facilitates better decision-making, promotes collaboration, and strengthens overall resilience

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Embracing Cloud-Enabled Applications for SCM Advantages and Disadvantages

Cloud enabled applications revolutionized various aspects of SCM offering improved visibility, scalability, and cost savings

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The Importance of Integrated Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Integrated logistics enhances customer service, reduces costs, optimizes inventory, drives continuous improvement, and more

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Crucial Role of Design and Manufacturing in SCM

Integrating design and manufacturing considerations into SCM has become increasingly vital to empower organizations

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Achieving Carbon Neutral Supply Chain Management-Best Practices and Scope 3 Emissions Management

Carbon neutrality in SCM requires a holistic approach with planning, design, sourcing, contracting, logistics, and warehousing

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Best Practices for Warehouse Automation in Supply Chain Management

With rapid advancements in technology, implementing automation enables an efficient and productive warehouse environment

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The Importance of Design in Achieving a Sustainable Net-Zero Supply Chain

Organizations optimize efficiency and maximize resource utilization by integrating sustainable design principles

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Measuring and Monitoring SCM KPIs Using Generative AI

Generative AI analyses large datasets and generates insights providing a data-driven approach to monitoring and measuring SCM KPIs

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Framework for Unearthing Use Cases in SCM using Generative AI

Examining the framework for evaluating generative AI in supply chain management enhancing SCM efficiency and effectiveness

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Embracing Digital for Good

Enabling ecosystems to propel towards sustainable development with digitalization

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Unified Omnichannel Retailing: Still a Distant Thought?

Omnichannel adoption is a gradual journey from silos to multichannel with full integration to achieve optimal customer experience

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Maritime 4.0 for Manufacturing and Vessel Operations

Transforming ship manufacturing facilities into 'smart shipyards' with Maritime 4.0

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Omni-channel Retail with Seamless Customer Experience

Converting multi-channel retailing with discrete experiences into omni-channel with consistent and connected experience

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Automotive Parts Management at Dealerships in a Post-Pandemic Market

Innovation and digital levers for next-gen automotive parts management strategy

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