Deliver superior experiences through intelligent automation, with AQT

Experiences Begin with Smarter Processes

Automation and AI results in increased business efficiency and smart processes; however, the larger picture here is all about the usage of time saved and the insights gained for crafting craft extraordinary experiences – the ones that not only are personalized, but also distinctive enough to keep customers coming back for more.

Our vision for automation is all about enabling these experiences through digital work-force and smarter processes, while unleashing a wave of innovation across your enterprise – all by empowering humans to focus more on meaningful, higher-order work.

The result? An enterprise that not only innovates more on the inside, but also delivers impressive experiences on the outside.

The Path to Experiences. Automated.

We understand that for enterprises to evolve and grow in a challenging environment, they need to stay nimble all the time, innovate continuously and fortify for manifold scalability. That means our customers’ business strategy has to pivot from being IT-centric to Digital Technology-centric through digitization of workforce and re-imagination of processes.

To enable our customers through this journey, we’ve designed a new-age suite of platforms and solutions that leverages Automation in order to ensure better Quality, at lower costs, and in shorter Time.

Welcome to AQT – our flagship suite of Automation and AI platforms designed specifically to increase business efficiency and empower innovation, through Intelligent Automation and Automation Thinking.

Use Cases

Automate, optimize and make business processes and functions across the board smarter, with AQT.

Automate & Optimize your IT Operations

TACTiX platform from AQT enables automation of processes in order to reduce manual effort and accelerate efficiency

Find the Most Optimum Route to Success with ML

Machine Learning modules unleash greater productivity & reduce errors by automatically optimizing business functions

Delight People with AI Powered Chatbots

AI powered chatbots built with AQT allow automation of support operations while ensuring user satisfaction

Enhance Internal Communication with NLP & ML

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing enable contextual handling of requests & personalized interactions

Shaping the Intelligent Enterprise

With an extensive assembly of state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and partnerships, AQT is designed for promoting increased automation encompassing all our solutions and service line, together with a firm focus on open-source ensuring minimal total cost of ownership.


IT & Network Operations Automation with AIOps
Robotics and AI-powered automation platform for Operations

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Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation platform for adopting Digital Work-force into Operations - Front office or Back office

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Enabling Agile and DevOps at Scale
Pre-integrated DevOps Platform for Enterprise ready New Age Delivery


Digitalize SAP & Oracle EBS
AI powered platform for Digital enablement of SAP and Oracle EBS

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Intelligent Test automation
>AI and Analytics-powered test automation platform that caters to the entire Testing life cycle


Enterprise AI Chatbots
Enterprise chatbot platform built atop cognitive computing services for superlative CX

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Collaborative analytics
A collaborative business analytics platform to derive greater value from your data

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Harmonize AI solutions
Platform for reusing AI Apps and models as microservices to accelerate efficiencies while reducing costs


At Tech Mahindra, we enable seamless convergence of processes, insights and people to unleash productivity gains for our clients, through digital transformation that lowers operating costs, enhances business growth, and empowers enterprises to stay future-ready.

  • Connecting the World with Networks of the Future
  • Designing Experiences with Internet of Things
  • Driving Business Velocity with DevOps
  • Creating Convergent Customer Experiences
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What will the world look like

Partnership with The Wall Street Journal

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Hibernate Mode

Save energy when you're not looking at your screen.

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The Eco Engine

Reduce your carbon footprint using any of these modes.
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    One of the world's first website to run on Dark Mode by default.
  • Brightness Control
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