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State of IT Operations

While technology continues to evolve, so do our IT Operations, arming us with more metrics to consider and putting a greater strain on decision timeframes. As a result, we’ve reached a point where even the most capable of IT professionals can no longer withstand the volume of data being generated. That's where TACTiX comes in.

Solutions Overview

TACTiX is an AI platform offering a ready-made framework for cognitive operations. With an integrated AI Ops solution, it uses machine learning and NLP to simplify and automate routine IT tasks, as well as detect and tackle potential issues. As a result, this leads to actionable intelligence and insights from using the data provided by the platform.

Proof Points
  • Work effort reduced by 30% (service desk operations, analytic tasks and classification activities) 
  • Issue handle time reduced by 50% while support staff can focus on these high-value tasks 
  • Internal onboarding is increased by 30% with a reduced dependency on SME’s Smart insights provided for L2 operations, including diagnostics recommendations using contextual data 
  • Efficient communications and collaboration between IT engineers and teams thanks to the chat-based platform - leading to a 15-20% improvement in MTTD, MTTR

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