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About RPA Solution

Organizations are always looking for ways to be as efficient as possible, which in turn helps to elevate the customer experience. Transitioning to new systems and processes is just one way of doing this. However, the huge capital expenditures (capex) and time frames are key challenges. Fortunately, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides an alternative solution, with a minimum capex and fast implementation.

Solution Overview

RPA is a software which uses robots to mimic human action, with a level of accuracy that exceeds human capability. These robots are deployed on typically manual jobs that are repetitive, data & time-intensive, but which hone in on rigid business rules. Because of the way they’re programmed, robots can be seen as a dependable workforce to complete these cumbersome operations. As a result, customer experience is enhanced while costs are kept to a minimum (thanks to the reduced human workforce).

Proof Points
  • 125+ RPA implementations
  • 780+ use cases deployed across 11 verticals
  • 1600+ back office & 7,000+ front office robots
  • 3 Mn transactions handled monthly
  • 15+ virtual assistant implementations
  • 10+ RPA and intelligent automation partners

Related Solutions

  • Discovery and process analysis
  • Defining success factors
  • Business process impact (ROI)
  • Process and data evaluation
  • Process mapping
  • Defining use-cases
  • Sprint planning
  • Marketing services
Platform Selections
  • Mapping strategy to existing RPA 
  • Fit-for-purpose evaluation 
  • Related adapters and services 
  • Skill evaluation 
  • Road map assessment
Implementation Services
  • RPA solutions 
  • Process and people support 
  • Installation, infra/deployment design 
  • Factory model delivery
  • Knowledge services 
  • Ongoing RPA enhancements 
  • Production support services 
  • Transition management 
  • Migration services to cloud 
  • Training

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