Transform operations into a value function

Most leaders in the C-Suite are looking at business and people effectiveness enabled by efficiency in operations, for better capital management. We realize that intelligent operations with hyper-automation, augmented intelligence, cognitive agility, self service capabilities etc. accelerate digital transformation. Further they unlock opportunities beyond just costs, into higher revenue opportunities and better customer experiences.

We help the client organizations understand the extent, and RoI of making operations intelligent, with a combination of advisory, process excellence, tooling, change management, platforms and solutions.

Explore our Intelligent Operations capabilities across Business, Enterprise Functions and Technology.

Intelligent Operations Services

  • Automation Advisory
  • Business Operations
  • Enterprise Operations
  • IT Operations

Successful automation of Business Processes and BAU operations are determined by accurate problem identification and selection of the right use case for automation. Evaluating the benefits and assessing any risks of automating operations help make automation a sustainable, continuously improving process and an evolved way of working. We enable organizations achieve these through our established methodologies, tools, techniques, proprietary frameworks and an ecosystem of in-house platforms, partnerships and Centres of Excellence.

  • Process Discovery

    Leverage a combination of consulting-led discovery, tools & accelerators and design thinking approach to identify process inefficiencies, optimisation and automation opportunities

  • Business Case

    Identify business process optimization and improvement opportunities, supported by a business case, along with use case prioritization and ROI-driven approach.

  • Centre of Excellence

    Envision, institutionalize and implement the right operating model, tools and technologies, governance and change management to achieve the desired automation goals

Proven expertise in industry business processes, help us quickly assess and plug our solutions, platforms and frameworks to enhance employee effectiveness, process efficiency and future-proof operations. Some of the key areas are listed below

We bring operational efficiencies in enterprise functions with capabilities across the automation spectrum from chatbots to Robotic Process Automation to making enterprise functions self-learning to optimize themselves with cognitive capabilities.

  • Finance & Accounting

    Optimize operations along with finance value chain, with customer-centric, platform-based operations

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  • Procure to Pay

    Reinvent your Procurement Process to unlock efficiency, savings, and transparency.

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  • Back Office

    Next gen service desk, leveraging omnichannel process, RPA, cognitive analytics for reduced operating costs

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  • Front Office

    Break barriers between customer service disciplines while providing seamless transition to digital customer service channels

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  • Remote Working Assistance

    Technology infrastructure and operations assistance for “Work at home” services

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  • Robotic Process Orchestration

    Achieve scale and efficiency in enterprise processes automation, managing the heterogenous workforce of bots and humans

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    Creating the NXT frontier of growth through digital supply chain

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Operations and management of digital technology stack is not just confined to IT, but should also include an integrated approach encompassing Network, Data, Cloud and COTS products, etc. Our platforms enable higher efficiencies in technology function across all these areas.

  • AI Ops for IT

    Enabled by Robotics and AI-powered automation platform for operations - Gaia

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  • AI Ops for Network

    Improve network performance with insights into network operations, and be able to predict KPIs, failures etc

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  • Metadata Intelligence

    Bridge the IT-business gap with enterprise view of IT landscape, enabled by metadata intelligence

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  • SAP Migration

    Cloud based Automation to support SAP S/4HANA & Digital Transformation

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  • Multi-Cloud Management

    Simplify management of hybrid / multi cloud environment to optimize cost of operations

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  • Intelligent Cloud Ops

    Get a unified view of operations for zero downtime, zero touch and zero vulnerability deployments

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Leading the Way

  • Case examples

Enabling Automated, Smarter Drug Discovery Process for an American Biotech Company

Unified request management and fulfillment platform enabled 50% better collaboration and reduced the turnaround time.

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Canadian Energy Company Realizes Value with Business-Centric Approach to Automation

ROI- driven approach to automation and business-IT alignment saves millions of CAD $

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Rollout for a Leading Middle Eastern Utility Company

Rollout of 250,000 electric smart meters increased operational efficiency and provided enhanced visualization of the distribution

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Accelerating Nationwide Fiber Rollout for a Leading Telco in the UK

Future-ready, next-gen agile OSS enables lower operational costs and achieve fiber rollout targets

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ML based demand forecasting enhances inventory control for a Japanese auto major

Real-time visibility of inventory flow improves accuracy of forecasting of the parts to 90%.

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Commercial Flight Manufacturer enable cost saving with aircraft health monitoring system

Real-time performance monitoring improves Aircraft operational efficiencies and enable better decision making

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Development of Enterprise Hybrid Blockchain Platform for a South Korean tech Company

Enhanced hybrid blockchain Platform accelerates and increases transaction committed to 20,000 per second

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Process mining in supply chain operations to improve operational efficiency

North American chemicals and plastics distributor enabled 100% visibility into real time processes improving productivity by 20%

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North America based building material manufacturer enables better decision making in operations

Real-time process monitoring in operations improves process flow by 75% ensuring better quality

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Leading telco in UK saves $1.5M of operational expenses leveraging process mining

Consultative and tool driven approach optimize customer service processes

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Japanese bank reduces credit and lending process cycle time to less than 24 hours

Man-machine collaboration enabled by robot service orchestration ensures seamless operations

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A leading European aviation facility improves efficiency of machining process

Condition-based monitoring reduces robot maintenance cost by an estimated 50%

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Global pharma company in the US improves indoor tracking effciency of pharma samples

BLE-based solution enables more than $100,000 savings per lab per year

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Global CPG's Automation CoE engages with business functions effectively

Intelligent Automation at scale delivers an annual savings of $4.2m across the globe

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Leading US telco prevents inventory problems from burning a hole in the balance sheet

Consulting-led solution enables savings of $150 -$200M from Days In Inventory reduction.

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Leading African mining company addresses trapped value in operations and innovation

Pit network of the future boosts network coverage by 30% and productivity by 50%

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North American aircraft manufacturer

25% improvement, each, in aircraft dispatch reliability & aircraft availability

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