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Moments That Matter: Creating Better Moments of Service with IFS Cloud

Would you like a story that opens on a great note but progresses into subpar second and third acts? In all possibilities, you won’t. We only love a story that is tight and gripping throughout.

The same can be said for customer interactions. As customers journey through different stages of their lifecycle, creating the best experience isn’t a one-off event. You need to ensure they experience the same sense of contentment after every interaction with your brand. Only then will you be able to craft a lasting customer relationship.

Even more interesting is that many businesses are planning to invest in modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to improve their customer experience. But how can ERP solutions help businesses become customer-centric? Let’s dive in.

ERP: Beyond Simple Resource Planning

At the core, ERP solutions consolidate data from multiple organizational departments and then use that information to drive business decisions. This means businesses can use ERP solutions to access data on customer interactions across different departments with real-time analytics to gain insights into customer preferences and tailor their services accordingly. 

ERP solutions also help businesses establish enhanced communication between departments and ensure customers have the same quality of interaction irrespective of the teams they talk to. All in all, a modern ERP solution not only improves business processes but also boosts overall customer experience.

Trends Shaping the Modern ERP Market

As more and more businesses adopt modern ERP solutions, we can see many trends emerging in this particular market segment. The tech natives are considering merging their ongoing digital business models with hyper-automation and AI. Even legacy businesses are following the same steps. In their competition with cloud and digital native businesses, legacy companies also plan to balance their technical debt and immediate operational needs. Key trends for 2024 and beyond in post-digital ERP include:

1. The demand for reduced cost of ownership

2. Use of AI for fraud prevention and compliance risk mitigation

3. Convergence of mega-processes, enabling multi-party value chains

4. The increased focus on journey orchestration

5. An uptick in ERP cloud platform adoption

How Manufacturing Benefits from ERP Solutions

Many manufacturers are looking to increase efficiency and adapt to evolving customer expectations. One of the most prominent customer expectations is the need for digital footprints. Thus, many manufacturers are adopting smart ERP technologies that can help them optimize their operations and make them more customer centric.

Interestingly, we have noticed many manufacturers globally prefer the IFS ERP solution. Why? The product-centric capabilities of the IFS platform allow businesses access to faster insights with different analytics and reports, elevating their customer service. This platform perfectly suits any asset-intensive and fast-growing manufacturers in both midsize- and large markets.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the benefits that come with the platform.

Features of IFS ERP


Industry-specific expertiseTailored solutions for aerospace & defense, energy, utilities, manufacturing, and more.
Intelligent schedulingOptimize resource allocation, enhance efficiency, and streamline operations.
Optimization capabilitiesImprove decision-making, reduce costs, and enhance overall process efficiency.
AI integrationHarness artificial intelligence for data-driven insights and predictive analytics.
Global footprintIdeal for midmarket to large enterprises seeking an international presence.
Cloud deployment optionsFlexible deployment models enable a transition from on-premises to cloud over time.
Responsive designConsistent and effective user experience across all devices and browsers.
Asset management and serviceIndustry-leading capabilities in managing assets and delivering service excellence.
Remote-assistance serviceAccess expert technicians while working in the field, enhancing overall support capabilities.
Strong design sense and UXNordic design principles are applied to create a progressive and user-friendly interface.


Let TechM Lead the Way

TechM is spearheading business transformation as part of its visionary DigitaALL philosophy. TechM has already partnered with many OEMs, like IFS, to facilitate seamless manufacturing, distribution, asset management, and service-focused operations.

The IFS ERP, particularly, is tailored to specific demands of energy, utilities, resources, construction, engineering, manufacturing, telecommunications, services, aerospace, and defense industries.

About the Author
Girish Rajwani
Country Head – IFS India, Tech Mahindra

Girish is currently Country Head for IFS Sales and Marketing in the India region, and is responsible for driving the GTM strategy, sales and pre-sales and marketing of IFS Cloud Applications. With over 13 years of experience in sales and managing CXO relationships across industries, he has a successful record in achieving exponential growth for businesses.