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Our Work Doesn’t End at Launch

With a toolbox of post-production services in infrastructure, enhancements, and bug fixes, we work as an extension of your team to ensure your digital solution is always evolving for optimum functionality.

Our Services

Our team comprises experienced project managers and development engineers, all readily armed ahead of any complex development project. Our service offerings include:

Post-Production Capabilities and Monitoring

We leverage state-of-the-art tools for managing our service desk. Services include: proactive end-to-end monitoring and monitoring of false positives, oversight tools with customized script to measure page load, add-to-cart, product display, login, search functionality and resilience maps for 3rd party integrations and monitoring.

Incident Management

We offer vigorous incident management to ensure timely support and resolutions. Services include: JIRA service-desk setup, monitoring, escalations and alerts, run book, 24/7 incident support team, 3rd party integrations and war room response with specific engineers for "Severity 1" incidents.

Infrastructure & App Support

We offer end-to-end support for all infrastructure and application solutions used across content and commerce websites. In addition to this, our certified support engineers monitor customer system’s 24/7, meaning your support needs can be met around the clock.

Assurance Services

With a variety of expert services including SEO, analytics, roadmaps, periodic business reviews and audits, we can ensure your customer infrastructure is always compliant with best practices.

Release and Deployment Management

Our Release and Deployment Management team continually review all infrastructure and application code to keep up with the latest eCommerce and industry trends. Furthermore, we apply an agile-based release process using scrums (~2 to 3-week cadence) for any updates to your online store.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

As we continue to monitor your solution, it’s critical we consider the planning and development of new features while your business continues to grow. We approach maintenance activities such as bug fixes with utmost agility, to ensure rapid, evolutionary enhancements.

Change Management

Our change management process is built with the customer in mind, meaning we can always accommodate changes through our Change Advisory Board (CAB). By instilling a change management process, this ensures we have governance and control of our clients’ environments, whether in staging, production, or even live.

Additional Services


Supporting with your latest campaigns or promotions, while offering platform specific catalog creation and content updates.

SOX Audit

Placing audit controls, policies and procedures as part of the evidence required for SOX.

Infrastructure Audit

Conducting an audit of your platform infrastructure to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible.

Front-end Audit

Planning, preparing and conducting performance testing on the site.

Back-end Audit

Reviewing code and continually auditing the implementation.

UX Audit

Offering a comprehensive UX audit and making recommendations based on industry best practice.

Training & Enablement

Developing training plans, mentoring and facilitated workshops to develop your in-house capabilities.

Performance Testing

Offering performance testing and actionable insights on the site.

Holiday Preparedness

Auditing your site ahead of the holiday season, using this to project peak traffic and make recommendations for optimizing site performance.


Preparing an actionable roadmap which captures your customer vision across commerce, content and creative, and elevates the overall customer experience.

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