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By 2018, 90% of I&O organizations attempting to use DevOps without specifically addressing their cultural foundation will fail.
High performing IT organizations deploy code 30 times more frequently and 200 times faster.
By 2016, DevOps was predicted to evolve from a niche strategy employed by large cloud providers to a mainstream strategy employed by 25 percent of Global 2000 organizations.

A practice that started out as a preserve of mavericks at Amazon and Etsy is now mainstream. DevOps is no longer a fad for the futurists. It is essential to enterprise software. The clear ROI from continuous delivery has pushed companies into a race of releases. High performance teams are using DevOps to put Agile on steroids, sweeping aside bottlenecks in release and deployment, aggressively automating software assembly lines and trimming down errors — all of this while springing up instantly from outages to ensure that the show is always on. more

The need of the hour is not just to embrace DevOps, but to excel in it, since the masters of this practice are outperforming their peers, reaping enormous competitive benefits. The defining characteristic of these winners is the ability to attain a fine balance between stability and velocity. By keeping these competing philosophies in lock-step, companies are able to react to spiraling customer expectations through rapid releases without hitting defect-induced speed-bumps. This is made possible through merging the hitherto silo-ed steps in the SDLC into a connected, continuous assembly line of design-build-test-release-deploy-operate. Organizations that want to ride this wave will have to commit to a cultural and philosophical shift towards collaboration, invest in tool-chains for automation and scripting, bake security into their processes and design loosely-coupled architectures. When stability and velocity come together, companies will run better, change faster and grow greater to Rise™ to a connected world of continuous delivery feeding continuous innovation.


Chart a holistic DevOps transformation strategy by embracing the 5Cs of DevOps.

Accelerate the transformation with Tech Mahindra’s proprietary ADOPT DevOps technology platform.

Create an agile IT organization where employees are trained to drive continuous innovation through DevOps at enterprise-scale.


A typical DevOps journey is complex. It involves taming multiple pockets of turbulence around engineering, process and culture. Unless organizations have the depth and maturity to handle these jitters, they may lose sight of the end goals. Tech Mahindra has been over that terrain many times – DevOps is part of our DNA. We bring you hard-earned lessons from our journeys — implementation chops, efficient vendor ecosystems, and a lab-tested FAST framework that he lps you stay the course. Our experienced eyes quickly find the gaps in collaboration and integration that are obstructing your path to DevOps adoption and efficiency.

Tech Mahindra takes a collaborative approach once we have a measure of your maturity. We leverage the strategic alliances with our partners and bring our own accelerators and frameworks to bear. We focus on perfecting the 5Cs of DevOps—'Continuous Planning', 'Continuous Integration’, ‘Continuous Delivery’,’ Continuous Testing’ and ‘Continuous Monitoring and Feedback’. Once we hand you the reins to these five racehorses, running faster is assured. If you need to scale at pace, Tech Mahindra offers DevOps-as-a-Service, so that you can leave the running to us while you transform your information technology organization into a digital transformation engine.

Tech Mahindra has deep expertise in DevOps, time-tested implementation frameworks and alliance partners, covering all aspects of tooling. We bring all these ingredients together and fuel your DevOps to run faster.


Managing volatility can be a real challenge when transforming waterfall SDLCs to a DevOps model. Optimization needs must become multi-layered. People, process, tools and architecture need to be tuned. Only then can the end goals — of rapid-fire releases and paper-thin cycle times — be reached. The scale of disruptions is huge. We need to explore the intricate connections of our technology and processes and laboriously re-wire them. Having an industry tested, flexible and robust DevOps platform to manage this complex landscape is invaluable.

Tech Mahindra’s ADOPT platform is engineered to this very purpose, pioneering the DevOps ‘as a service’ model. The ADOPT reference architecture provides a vendor-agnostic approach to review existing landscapes and decide a strategy (best-in-breed, open source, predominant single vendor suite) at an application and enterprise level. A library of APIs and an array of pre-built point-to-point integrations act as Lego bricks, thereby making child’s play of the building of flexible delivery pipelines. Use the Tech Mahindra platform as your jumping board to dive faster into change.

Tech Mahindra’s first-of-its-kind ADOPT DevOps transformation platform comes together seamlessly with your existing processes and tools to quickly transform your DevOps practices.


Any revolution starts in small pockets and then spreads wings. DevOps is similar. It usually matures in small ‘early-adopter’ teams. Others marvel and follow. Such an organic DevOps adoption is not enough to propel growth. DevOps needs to spread like wildfire to achieve shorter ‘time to value’ for business. Every geography and department needs to be on board for release intervals to become shorter than customer attention-spans. Every IT professional needs to be trained and tool-chains need to span enterprise-wide to connect people and process, propelling them towards a revolution. A revolution of velocity with stability that yields revenue growth through rapid innovation towards customer delight.

Tech Mahindra has mastered DevOps at scale. Our D3OP training curriculum addresses varied people skilling needs. Customized training across all levels creates the culture shift and technical skills required for the paradigm-shift to DevOps. Tech Mahindra has put together a diverse partner ecosystem to enable tool-chains at scale. The right combination of tools from this array can be spun-up at massive scale, automating your DevOps practice across departments, divisions and geographies. Real-time dashboards and insights from all points of the assembly line can then inform your path to velocity and illustrate your stability.

Tech Mahindra brings together a culture that motivational training and DevOps-at-scale to start your enterprise in a spiral of growing DevOps adoption, churning out greater innovation faster than competition.

Tech Mahindra accelerates DevOps transformation and adoption for its clients worldwide, using its unique 3T approach – an effective and proven recipe achieving Transformation through process redefinition, Tools implementation and holistic Training.
Improved velocity and quality (25%) and reduced cost (15%) for leading network major
Integrated ALM and Continuous Delivery via DevOps adoption at leading railway major
Speeding-up delivery transformation journey for a leading Network major

A leading network major wanted to transform their IT Delivery services into a strategic and competitive continuous delivery platform to reduce time-to-market, improve software quality and optimize cost of delivery. Tech Mahindra partnered with the customer to achieve this goal by implementing a cutting-edge DevOps continuous delivery process, integrating all the touchpoints of SDLC and also baking-in agility and automation right from the start. more

To ensure that this massive process of transformation is resilient and smooth, we started with designing an architecture which was flexible yet reliable and created a multi-touchpoint feedback-centric governance process to closely monitor results. We then put in place our effective and proven DevOps recipe combining automation, tool-chain integration, Agile processes and release-deployment strategies to ensure that the customer reaches the end goal of engineering and process optimization with minimal disruption.

Leading enterprise-wide platform modernization for railroad major

A major freight railroad network in North America undertook an enterprise-level transformation to modernize its legacy application suite and transition to a next-gen architecture. Tech Mahindra responded by providing a full spectrum of DevOps services spanning strategy consulting, training, implementation and support for actualizing these business changes and implementing the transformation strategy. more

We laid out a solid foundation based on present maturity-level and created an improvement roadmap that could scale-up to cover the entire organization, with the right metrics to measure progress. Industry best practices across Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF), Scaled Agile Framework, Project Management (PMBOK) and Operations & Service Management (ITIL) were incorporated. Our transformation team of experts in product development, Agile and DevOps mentored the learners. Frictionless adoption and actionable metrics were guaranteed through a governance framework spanning project, program and portfolio teams. Tech Mahindra’s comprehensive approach ensured that the customer rapidly achieved satisfactory returns on investment.

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