TechM Sustainability Offerings

We have opened our doors to sustainable solutions that are driven by new-age technologies and decades of experience. These can be infused into and transform your business model, the processes that define it, the applications that deliver it, and the infrastructure that supports it while making a greener, better organization.

Leveraging Technology
in Sustainability

Artificial intelligence (AI) levers could reduce worldwide GHG emissions by 4% by 2030 an amount equivalent to 2.4 Gt CO2e
Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to reduce global carbon emissions by around 20%
Data center management, wherein moving to cloud can reduce energy and emissions up to 35% on server management

What We Offer

ESG Consulting

Consult on various ESG intiatives, meet the needs and develop responsible investing strategies.


Optimize energy consumption to conserve usage.

Resource Management

Transition towards a sustainable world with resource management.

Environment, Health & Safety

Navigate EHS risk, compliance and incident tracking.

ESG Talent Pool

Leverage our one-stop shop for an innovative and varied ESG talent pool.

Supply Chain

Refine supply chains, product lifecycles, and internal operations.

Data Management & Reporting Platform

Provide platforms for in-depth capture, research, reporting, and visibility of ESG data.

What We Promise

Key Drivers

Urgency to meet all commitments

  • Health and Safety
  • 193 countries as signatory to Paris Summit
  • EU Union compliances
Integrated governance reporting

  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Emissions management and reporting
  • Disclosures on external forums
Focused on measurable sustainability for investors and customers
  • Sustainability savings translating into $ savings
  • Sustainability as trigger for Research and innovation

Leading the Way

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  • Whitepapers
  • Blog
The Path for Sustainable Retail

Unlock true sustainability with end to end execution for retail and CPG industry

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i.Riskman - Tech Mahindra's ESG Risk Management

Solution that can assess financial impact and exposure for climate-related risks

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CSRD Regulations Overview – Part 1

An Overview of the CSRD Regulations and Its Implications for Organizations

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Sustainable Finance – Funding the Transition to Net-Zero

Imperatives for banks and corporates to achieve their net zero objectives

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Baseline Assessment – A tool for ESG Excellence

Undertake a baseline assessment to get a holistic understanding of E,S & G pillars and onward sustainability path

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Green IT

Embed green strategy in day to day business that creates positive impacts

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Innovative Eco-design

Take up the challenge of mitigating climate risk and achieving sustainability

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Carbon Footprint

Understanding carbon footprint to reach carbon neutrality and sustainability

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Achieving Net Zero through Carbon Accounting and Green Ledger

With the green ledger-based transaction accounting for carbon, manage your carbon flows like cash flows

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Duality is the New Reality for Transition

Drive strong near-term performance and invest in long-term sustainable growth

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Building a Sustainable Future with the Right Partnerships

Supply Chain planning to Support Future Networks

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Converting Sustainability Ambition into Action: An Integrated Approach

Business Process Management for Sustainability Solutions

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The Four Key Pillars of Tech Mahindra’s Sustainability Framework

Consulting, Industry Solutions, Sustainable Supply Chain, ESG Reporting

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The Journey to a Sustainable Supply Chain

Shifting the focus from productivity enhancements and efficiency improvements to sustainability.

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Achieving ESG Reporting and Embedding Sustainability

New regulatory proposal to require climate disclosure in financial reports.

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Meet our Leaders

Sandeep Chandna
Chief Sustainability Officer, Tech Mahindra

“We have made sustainability the fulcrum of all our activities. We believe that with ESG principles built into our core strategy and concerted efforts towards building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering innovation while also improving operational efficiency, are helping us in mitigating risks, driving profitable growth and creating a positive societal impact.”

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