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Innovative Communications Solutions

Tech Mahindra creates solutions for communication service providers (CSPs), telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs), and independent software vendors (ISVs). We are the chosen transformation partner for several leading wirelines, wireless, and broadband operators worldwide.

Our Services

Innovative Enterprise Solutions

We enable CSPs to provide innovative enterprise solutions driven by 5G-4-E, data monetization, data, and analytics.

Customer-Centric Solutions

We drive customer-centricity in employee and customer service through experience interaction design services, social media integration, and loyalty management.

Content Management Solution

We enable companies to monetize content through next-generation video and business technology.

Revenue Operations as a Service

With Revenue Operations as a Service, we give media companies new ways to apply analytics to drive hyper-personalization within their content and advertising.

Monetizing Creativity in Media and Entertainment

We believe that the strategic focus of innovative media organizations will evolve from content creation to monetization. Tech Mahindra’s cutting-edge solutions enable media and entertainment companies to drive towards profitability, having found their place in this new value chain.

Leading the Way

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The Current 5G Paradigm And The Future Of Managed Services

A game changer for the telecom industry that is likely to present immense opportunities for its growth and expansion.



Streamlining Debt Arrears Management with Digital Solutions in Telecommunications

A data-driven approach to optimize CX by considering customers' financial well-being while assisting them with subscription models to suit their needs.

Elevate Telecom Innovate Engage and Excel


Elevate Telecom Innovate Engage and Excel

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