Tech mahindra
Tech mahindra

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Blandine Vissotsky  

Tech Mahindra is a very flexible and trustworthy organisation.

Blandine Vissotsky, Senior Manager, Bridgestone

Ray Hammond  

The world will seem to come alive with data in the near future as everything will be connected.

Ray Hammond, Futurologist, Futurist and author


Glen Babichuk  

Our alliance with Tech Mahindra has been very fruitful. The company’s understanding ability to stick with the engagement is a major plus point.

Glen Babichuk, Manager, Telus

Glenn Dasmalchi  

Our relationship with Tech Mahindra brings us the solution capabilities that make us relevant to our customers.

Glenn Dasmalchi, Enterprise CTO, Juniper Networks


Mats Hutlin  

I think Tech Mahindra has really shown their capabilities with a lot of ideas, innovation power and much flexibility in supporting us in a quick and flexible way

Mats Hutlin, Chief Information Officer, SAAB Group


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