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In today’s demanding economy where budgets and headcounts are forced to be tightened across operations, cost reduction assumes top priority. In this context, one of the biggest challenge organizations face today is the need to lower the overall cost of IT ownership across the enterprise, including their investments in SAP environment. To address these challenges, and to help our customers with a modern and automated approach to SAP support and digitization, we’ve built an automation platform called the Tech Mahindra Epselon.


Epselon enables easy digital transformations by providing an automated assessment of the enterprise baseline information. It queries, SAP systems to produce fact-based analytics/reporting around SAP Business Processes and related configurations, customizations & data. By using Epselon, customers will be able to clearly outline their transformation roadmap, decide on when to initiate migration, and accurately plan and predict application support costs. Epselon can also be used to bring in automation and improve efficiency in existing SAP application management scenarios.

The framework enables business transformation in three areas:

  • In RUNNIG the business process criticality and complexity for risk monitoring.
  • For CHANGE analytics though system readiness assessment for M&A analysis, global template definitions and simplification and many more.
  • For the DIGITAL journey such as enabling user experiences through Fiorization, migration to cloud and over digital transformation roadmap.

Key Functions

The Tech Mahindra Epselon platform helps in planning the overall SAP digital transformation journey through risk based testing thereby reducing the testing and development efforts. It also gives useful insights to the SAP team to optimize maintenance and improve IT operations. This ensures zero risk of critical business process failures, thereby increasing the overall ROI of the SAP investments and projects. 


Additionally, the Epselon platform also addresses:

  • Change impact analytics
  • SAP Upgrade and HANA migration analytics
  • Custom code analytics
  • Business process analytics
  • S4 HANA roadmap
  • System consolidation
  • Audit reporting and
  • BAU application supports predictive analytics

Key Features

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Access on any device; cloud based tool
  • No/Reduced manual efforts
  • Instant Insights
  • Any Database
  • Version compatibility

Case Studies

How we enabled successful transition, support and management of SAP environments for a large retailer

How we enabled successful transition, support and management of SAP environments for a large retailer
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