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Skilling youth for a better tomorrow

SMART (Skills-for-Market Training) is the flagship employability program of the Tech Mahindra Foundation, aimed at empowering youth from underserved communities. This program offers structured training programs in 15 diverse domains. The Foundation has been actively implementing the SMART program by establishing a network of SMART Academies and Centres across 11 locations in India.

SMART (Skills-for-Market Training) Centres

SMART Centres are implemented through our partner NGOs, who have a strong presence in communities. These centres provide effective training to youth, equipping them with the skills needed for employment in the organised sector. Additionally, the SMART-T (Technical Training) program offers training opportunities in various trades-related job areas. The SMART+ initiative is specially designed to support persons with disabilities (PwDs) in their skill development journey.

SMART (Skills-for-Market Training) Academies

Following the success of our SMART Centres, the Foundation initiated the SMART Academies, which offer specialized, longer-duration courses at our directly-implemented academies. Our SMART Academies for healthcare, digital technologies, and logistics are dedicated to empowering youth by making them job-ready. Students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in these fields, with subsequent job placement support for graduates.