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Our Mission

“Creating future-ready workforce today, while fulfilling associates career aspirations”. At Tech Mahindra, our learning and development practices enable TechMighties to be ‘Fit for the Future’ by transforming themselves into the next generation of business-ready associates. Upskilling encompasses leadership, technical, functional, domain and role-based programs.

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#UaaS (Upskilling-as-a-Service) is a platform which act as a skill marketplace. It is an
AI-based platform that provides interactive, 
on-demand, contextual and personalized upskilling to associates in self-service mode. This ecosystem is helping organizations proactively groom associates in this new age. #UaaS is proving out to be the X factor in our pursuit of being FIT4Future & inclusive growth.

Let's stay FIT4Future.

"The only currency we actually control and manage is People Currency. The way we look at Rupee vs. Dollar, the valuation of this currency also changes. And it changes, based only on the Vitamin R of Relationships, but also the Vitamin S of Skilling"

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Tech Mahindra