August 20, 2019

Tech Mahindra is an Associate Partner at itSMF 2019 Service Management National Conference


Venue: Hilton, Brisbane

Tech Mahindra is an Associate Partner at the itSMF 2019 Service Management National Conference bring hosted to enable exchange of ideas.

At the event, Tech Mahindra will be speaking about How its AI Ops platform TACTiX transforms traditional IT Operations into AI based IT Operations. AQT (Automation, Quality, Time)™ is Tech Mahindra’s integrated suite of automation Platforms & processes to continuously increase Business Efficiency (faster, cheaper, better) for our stakeholders through Intelligent Automation and Automation Thinking.

TACTiX, part of AQT Platforms, offers an integrated AI Ops solution, using AI, ML and Robotics to simplify and automate routine IT Operation tasks as well as detect and prevent potential issues by analyzing data from a variety of sources leading to faster, efficient, knowledge driven and predictive operations. TACTiX provides modular components with an extensible framework to allow integration with external tools.

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