Cards and Payments
End-to-end business consulting, platform transformation, implementation, customization, integration and post implementation managed services.

Cards Solutions Offering

Cards Legacy Platform Transformation

Card participants (Issuers/ Acquirers/ Payment Networks) over the years have portfolio of solutions built using combination of in-house solution, commercial off the shelf solutions (COTS) coupled with customizations on top of these COTS solutions. Complex Integrations with internal and external systems also adds up to the overall complexity of the solutions to manage cards business.

In TechM, with our strong domain & cards platform experience we help payment participants to move from legacy platforms to new age platform, which are built on open technology, highly flexible, hardware agnostic approach.

These solutions allow banks to use parameterization features of the solution to introduce new offerings/ products rather than asking for development in the solution.

Solution Highlights

  • TechM brings domain and business process understanding helping payment participants to transform legacy platform to new age platforms
  • Portfolio of business consulting services covers- Understanding existing business processes, solutions, interfaces (internal and external), product evaluations & implementation services.
  • With our industry and domain expertise we have built the platform migration frameworks & accelerators enabling risk free complex platform transformation projects
  • Business Process documentation and testing artifacts enabling saving of cost and timelines for complex transformation projects
  • Successfully transformed end to end business solutions for leading payment participants globally

End to end Card Issuing and Acquiring Business Solution Testing Framework

TechM have extensive experience providing verification and validation services for complex platform transformation, version upgrade or customization, integration testing services.

We bring in domain lead testing wherein our domain experts bring in industry/ business process knowledge and expertise in the testing approach. This reduces risk by incorporating all the positive and negative test scenarios testing business solutions from end to end perspective.

We have built in testing framework covering all the business areas in the cards business for issuing and acquiring payment participants. We have tons of testing artifacts, which are built using our deep domain expertise.

Loyalty Management System

Today retaining customers is topmost priority for banks and financial institutions and loyalty offerings play a critical role in attracting and retaining value customers for payment participants.

Tech Mahindra have built a enterprise loyalty solution that enables payments participants to manage its loyalty programs across the enterprise for all sets of products. The solution covers all the aspects from earning the loyalty benefits to burning it’s at the partner merchants. We bring in AI and ML based capabilities in the enterprise loyalty solutions helping payment participants to analyze the loyalty programs and built the strategies accordingly.

Solution Highlights

  • Bank wide Enterprise loyalty program across various products like loan, cards, insurance
  • Merchant centric loyalty program
  • Customer portal and Merchant portal
  • Hyper personalized loyalty programs to suit individual customer profile and merchant offerings
  • Analytics driven campaigns

Financial Crime Prevention Framework

Banks & payment participants are facing a daunting challenge in preventing fraud across its business offerings. There is significant price these participants have to pay in case of any breach of security. These participants face regulatory issues/ multi-million dollar penalties for not able to provide full proof solutions catering to the rules and regulations of the regulatory bodies.

TechM have built a financial crime prevention framework, which NOT only help banks and payment participants to meet the needs of various compliances, regulations but also provide a multi-factor fraud prevention solution across line of business for an enterprise.

We provide following solutions as part of our financial crime prevention framework;

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • KYC, Account Opening and Monitoring
  • Fraud prevention across enterprise & channels
  • Biometric Authentication, Device Fingerprinting
  • Risk Compliances
  • Regulatory Reporting

Facial Authentication and Authorization/Biometric Authentication

Facial payments is one of the latest trend that is catching up. China has been one of the early adopters of this technology. Most convenient way to pay. No cash, no cards, no wallets, no smartphone. You just pay for your goods by posing in front of Point of Sale (POS) machines, which are equipped with camera

TechM along with its global partner offers this most secure way of authentication thus reducing Frauds

Solution Highlights

  • FIDO Certified solution
  • Provides easy registration and authentication mechanism
  • Protect personal authentication information through PKI and Secure Storage
  • Manage Blacklist after registering unusual and old app users
  • Multifactor authentication capability
  • AI based authentication technology with capability to handle secure blurring
  • Admin Portal providing metadata management, statistical information inquiry and authentication policy management for IT administrator

Digital Integrated Platform for Managing Commercial/Corporate Cards, Expense Management

Corporate cards is one of the key focus areas for banks. Most SME/Corporate have to go through lot of processes to manage card issuance to their employees and the entire expense management suit. Tech Mahindra has a simple intuitive solution for corporates on Card management, which helps banks differentiate their offering from competition and gain leadership and market share

Solution Highlights for Corporate customers

  • Better overview in liquidity management of cards and outstanding expenses
  • Automation of manual process handling for cards ordering and expense approval
  • Single/central platform for reporting across multiple organizational units
  • Functionally designed Cardholder mobile App for employee
  • Enriched data from Cardholder and bank/processor that feeds to existing Expense Management legacy providers (SAP Concur, Oracle Expense, etc) and company ERP systems Customer portal and Merchant portal

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